There's always a machine to operate...

... the analyser, a power supply unit, the lighting in the operating theatre, the home control, the paper cutter or the wellness area, or...

uniTFT's displays not only show parameters and measured values in brilliant colours, but also control large and small machines by light finger touch.

The strengths:

- Ready to use

- Suitable for industrial use

- EMC tested

- Brilliant colours (also in the operating theatre)

- Cost-effective

- Many, many graphic functions

- Free Windows tool to create the screens

- Waterproof installation, self-adhesive

- USB, SPI, I²C, RS-232, RS-485

- 2" - 2.8" - 3.5" - 4.3" and larger

With its 2" the EA uniTFTs020 is a tiny, but the fine resolution of 320x240 pixels conjures brilliant images at crisp 1000cd/m². The IPS technology provides a gigantic all-round viewing angle including sunlight readability:

Sonnenlichtlesbare TFT (IPS) Display für die Industrie und Medizintechnik EA Shop