Control unit for installation with RS-232

Control Unit RS-232 / RS-422

Size 2.4"~5.9".

Immediately ready to use.

With touchpanel and mounting options.

Individual touch keys and screen content.

Control Units with Touch - Plug and Play

  • Integrated touch panel, scratch-resistant, anti-glare
  • LED illumination blue-white or yellow/green
  • many character sets incl. 8-times zoom function
  • High-level graphics functions (straight line, bar chart, menu)
  • RS-232 or RS-422, 5V/12V/24V supply voltage
  • Macro programming, storage of images and text
  • 16 digital inputs and outputs with optocouplers as accessories
  • Available immediately
  • Various sizes from 120x32 up to 320x240 dots
  • Windows® simulator software for demonstartion and development

Brief description

The EA KIT120-5LEDTP graphics kit (see photo above) is a fully assembled control from 2,4" to 5,9" and operating unit with a variety of integrated functions. As well as offering excellent super-twist contrast, the compact display can be put into operation immediately. It is controlled via the standard RS-232 or RS-422 interface. In addition to complete graphics routines for display output, the graphics kit also contains a wide variety of fonts.
High-level language-type graphics commands are used for programming. There is no longer any need for the time-consuming programming of character sets and graphics routines. There's no need for any driver software or programming tools. The ease of use offered by macros and input via touch panel make it a real power display. Have a look at the colored flyer!


The graphics kit is designed to work with an operating voltage of +5V. A supply voltage of +9..36 V is also possible. Serial asynchronous data transfer is carried out in RS-232 or RS-422/RS-485 format. The transmission format is set permanently to 8 data bits, 1 stop bit and no parity. Baud rates between 1200 bps and 115,200 bps can be selected by means of DIP switches. RTS and CTS handshake lines are available.

KIT: Touch panel

Touch panel

All versions are supplied with an integrated touch panel. You can make entries and menu settings by touching the display. The labeling of the "keys" is flexible and can also be changed during runtime (different languages, icons). The drawing of the individual "keys" and the labeling or grouping of several fields is handled entirely by the integrated software. Programming the fields couldn't be simpler.
For a much better feeling just download the simulator software for windows (see table below) - there's no need for special installation!

The various models


ResolutionDimensionsScreen Options Fields Notes Data sheet
 68x39x24 mm
Touch Panel
 RS-232, Snap-In KIT120
 75x60x24 mm


Touch Panel
 RS-232, blue negative with LED-B./L.. KIT129-6
 KIT129J-6LW RS-232, black-white, positive
 101x78x35 mm
 9..35 V,
Touch Panel
 blue negative with white LED-B./L.. KIT160-6
 KIT160-6LED LED-backlight y/gn, Snap-In-Case
 180x65x40 mm
 9..35 V,
Touch Panel
 blue negative with white LED-B./L.. KIT240-6
 KIT240-6LED LED-backlight yellow/green
140x102x36 mm
 9..35 V,
Touch Panel
LED-backlight blue-white
144x104x40 mm
 9..35 V,
Touch Panel
 blue negative with white CFL-B./L. KIT240-7
 KIT240-7LED LED-backlight yellow/green
 ¼ VGA
156x121x36 mm
 9..35 V,
Touch Panel
 black-white positive with LED-B./L. KIT320-8


The display is programmed by means of commands such as "Draw a rectangle from (0,0) to (64,15)". No additional software or drivers are required. Strings can be placed with pixel accuracy. Text and graphics can be combined at any time. Up to 16 different character sets can be used. Each one can be zoomed from 2 to 8 times. When the 8-times zoom is used with the largest character set (16x8), the words and numbers displayed fill the screen (= 128x64). By using internal macros, longer command strings can be defined quickly and easily. Compiler software is required for macro programming (see below).


  • Front panel for mounting (EA KIT129-6, KIT160-7, KIT240-6 and -7, KIT320-8)
    A front panel made of anodized aluminum is available as an accessory. This allows the graphics kit to be mounted without any screws visible. Fitting it couldn't be simpler. The EA 0FP240-7 front panel is available in the color black (SW). You will find the dimensions and a photograph here.
  • Software for more fonts, pictures and macro creation: the ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY LCD-Tools
    - editor, compiler, simulator, examples, demos
  • Cable for PC
    To enable simple connection to PCs (macro programming), we provide a 1.5m cable and a 9-pin SUB-D female connector (EA KV24-9B). Simply insert it into COM 1 or COM 2 and get started. Note: The cable is not suitable for the RS-422 version EA OPT-RS4224.

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