COG - versatile displays as text and graphi with SPI and various backlights

Versatile Displays

Combine display and colour as desired.

Power supply single 3.3V.

Standard SPI bus interface.

Long term availability.

COG Chip-on-glass.

Chip-on-glass LCD displays graphic and text, SPI, I²C

[Translate to Englisch:] Passen Sie Ihr COG Display nach Ihren Bedürfnissen an

Displays according to your needs

1. Select a display from 13 different sizes (text and graphics).

2. Combine it with different backligt colours

3. Add a touch panel if required

  • Graphic 1.7" to 3.9"
  • Text 1x8 to 4x20 characters
  • Backlight in white, yellow/green, blue, amber, RGB
  • SPI interface
  • I²C bus interface
  • 3,3V
  • low power from 150µA
  • with pins for mounting
[Translate to Englisch:] COG Displays mit SPI als Farbvarianten ab 1 Stück

All colour variants from 1 piece

There are currently 13 different display sizes available, all in STN transmissive and reflective, STN blue, FSTN positive and negative:

Text Displays

  • 1x8 characters with 11.97 mm font size (EA DOGM081-A)
  • 2x16 characters with 5.57 mm font size (EA DOGM162-A)
  • 3x16 characters with 3.65 mm font size (EA DOGM163-A)
  • 4x16 characters with 3.2 mm or 2x16 / 6 mm (EA DOGS164)
  • 4x20 characters with 4.8 mm font size (EA DOGM204-A)
  • 4x10 characters with 2.6 mm or 2x10 / 4.5 mm (EA DOGS104)

Graphic Displays

  • 102x64 in 1.7" (EA DOGS102-6)
  • 132x32 in 2.1" (EA DOGM132-5)
  • 128x64 in 2.3" (EA DOGM128-6)
  • 128x64 in 2.8" (EA DOGL128-6)
  • 160x104 in 3.3" (EA DOGXL160-7)
  • 240x64 in 3.6" (EA DOGM240-6)
  • 240x128 in 3.9" (EA DOGXL240-7)

Ordering Code Type Data Sheet Controller Hint


EA DOGM081-A Text 1x8 Text displays ST7036   EA Shop
EA DOGM162-A Text 2x16   EA Shop
EA DOGM163-A Text 3x16   EA Shop
EA DOGS104-A Text 4x10/2x10 DOGS104-A SSD1803A also I²C New EA Shop


Text 4x16/2x16 DOGS164-A also I²C New

EA Shop

EA DOGM204-A Text 4x20 DOGM204-A also I²C New EA Shop
EA DOGS102-6 102x64 - 1.7" DOGS102-6 UC1701   EA Shop
EA DOGM132-5 132x32 - 2.1" DOGM132-5 ST7565   EA Shop
EA DOGM128-6 128x64 - 2.3" DOGM128-6 ST7565   EA Shop
EA DOGM240-6 240x64 - 3.6" DOGM240-6 UC1611s also I²C New EA Shop
EA DOGL128-6 128x64 - 2.8" DOGL128-6 ST7565   EA Shop
EA DOGXL160-7 160x104 - 3.3" DOGXL160-7 UC1610 also I²C New EA Shop
EA DOGXL240-7 240x128 - 3.9" DOGXL240-7 UC1611s also I²C New EA Shop
Simulation for EA DOG Displays, Character and Graphic

Simulation for Windows

A great help for orientation in the "colour-jungle" the DOG-Simulator is an excellent tool: all displays (text and graphic) as well as all different backlight options can be simulated on screen. Free of charge!

USB test board for EA DOG Displays, Text and Graphic

The test board EA 9780-4USB

The test board EA 9780-4USB adapt all display with its multiple sockets. Even all modules with and without backlight are supported.

The displays do show the individual text and pictures from simulator immediately - without any development action. In addition to that the backlight can be switched on and off. This makes possible a realistic test operation. Without the need to write software or to create any hardware adaptor. Immediately and as easy as ABC.

Arduino meets DOG

Arduino meets DOG

That's the easy way driving a display: the Arduino concept provides a very good base for such.

Some displays in EA DOG series we do support with all things to bring the display into operation with an Arduino Uno easyly: Sketches, Libraries, Documentation, EAGLE *.brd  and *.sch Files.

We also do provide non-assembled pcb boards.

Here you do find a table as an overview.


Character Set and Fonteditor

With the ordering code EA USBSTICK-FONT a memory stick comes with various character sets, especially made for displays from DOG series.
An import function allows additionally to use Windows fonts. With the FontEditor it is easy to generate for example Cyrillic, Greek and Arabic fonts. The preview function shows immediately the size and style in simulation window. When the testboard EA 9780-2USB is connected to the USB port, you can see the character (or any predefined text) live on the display which is plugged-in!

The export function generates a C- and Basic source code as an include file to your software.
Also included is a converter software for *.bmp files.


Simply clip the display and the backlighting unit together and you have up to 23 possible combinations.

Six different colors are available as backlighting:



EA LED55x31-G

EA LED55x31-W


EA LED55x31-W



EA LED55x31-B

EA LED55x31-A


EA LED55x31-A



EA LED55x31-R


Full colour



STN positive

EA DOGM162W-A + EA LED55x31-W


STN blue negative

EA DOGM162B-A + EA LED55x31-W

EA DOGM162E-A + EA LED55x31-G

STN yellow/green

EA DOGM162E-A + EA LED55x31-G

EA DOGM162L-A w./o. backlight

STN reflective

EA DOGM162L-A w./o. backlight


FSTN negative

EA DOGM162S-A + EA LED55x31-W

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