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The most elegant and simple way to use a touch panel is buying an intelligent display.


Touch panel with built-in intelligence
-> eDIP-Serie / -> uniTFT-Serie

Two series are available here: the eDIP series and the uniTFT series. Both offer an SPI interface, an I²C interface and an RS-232 interface. The touch panel is fully supported (hardware and software). Buttons, controllers or switches are defined with the simplest functions (commands) and corresponding actions are defined.


Touch panel without Intelligence (RGB / LVDS / SPI)
-> TN and -> IPS-Displays

Ideal for integration / connection to an embedded system. The display is usually controlled via RGB, LVDS or SPI. The touch panel offers an I²C bus interface. Interface boards and demo boards are available.


Touch panel as a single component
-> Touch panel in our shop

If only the glass with touch functionality is required, we stock various standard sizes from 1 piece for call-off in Gilching. Ideal for prototypes and small series.

In any case, you will receive full support directly from the manufacturer DISPLAY VISIONS / ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY GmbH.