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Display News 2022

Micro-OLEDs and mini-TFTs

DISPLAY VISIONS GmbH is offering graphic displays in a miniature format with various panel technologies. The OLED displays excel with sharp contrasts in all viewing directions. The same goes for the colour IPS-TFT displays, which are also optionally equipped with a touch surface.

The micro-displays from DISPLAY VISIONS GmbH are hardly bigger than a stamp. These graphic displays are available in both OLED and IPS-TFT technology versions. The OLED displays of the EA W096016 series are 0.84 inches in size. 96 by 16 white pixels sit on an active surface of 21 by 3.5 millimetres in size. Since OLED pixels themselves light up and therefore do not require backlighting the whole module is only 1.3 millimetres thick. And the graphic controller SSD1306B is already integrated! The display can reach a brightness of up to 150 cd/m², with a contrast ratio of 200:1. Thanks to the OLED technology, there are no losses of contrast even at extremely oblique viewing angles. Even at an operating temperature of -40° Celsius, the response time is extremely short at 10 microseconds. The module is available with either solder tail and I²C bus to stamp solder or with ZIF plug connection and I²C bus plus SPI interface.

Strong contrast, also in colour

With a 0.96-inch screen size, the coloured TFT-IPS displays of the EA TFT009-81 series are a little bigger. Therefore, they also possess a resolution of 160 by 80 pixels on an active surface of just under 22 by 11 millimetres. Thanks to IPS technology with “All Angle Colour Stability” Management (AACS), the colours and contrasts remain virtually unchanged even with changing viewing angles. They can be used without losses of quality in portrait (80 x 160) or landscape format (160 x 80). The brightness of the displays is typically 500 cd/m². This makes them suitable for many different applications in industry and medicine, even in direct sunlight. Despite a thickness of only 1.5 millimetres (without backlighting and touch panel), the graphic controller ST7735S is already integrated into the displays. It is controlled via a 3 or 4-wire SPI interface, which is excellently suited to pin-saving applications. It is connected directly to the board by stamp soldering. The EA TFT009-81AITC version is additionally equipped with a PCAP touch panel, which is read out via an I²C bus by flexible lead.

All micro- and mini-displays are readily available. DISPLAY VISIONS GmbH guarantees comprehensive support and long-term availability.


The Chamber of Commerce and Industry for Munich and Upper Bavaria has congratulated Display Visions GmbH on 45 years of existence, ceremonially presenting the Gilching-based company with a certificate.

The company ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY – a specialist in high-quality industrial displays – had changed its name shortly before the anniversary and will in future operate as DISPLAY VISIONS. With this change of name, its core competence will be accentuated even more clearly.

Thomas Neumann, Member of the Executive Board of the CCI for Munich and Upper Bavaria, emphasised the company’s innovative strength and praised its exemplary development on the European market. Prior to his statement, he had extensively familiarised himself with the range of products on a guided factory tour.

For more than twenty years, Display Visions has been focussing upon intelligent displays, HMI solutions and customer-specific advertisements. The range of products reaches from simple seven-segment advertisements for measuring instruments to the sophisticated colour display with touch-panel. With this range, DISPLAY VISIONS caters to a variety of industries, from process automation to machine engineering and medical device technology to information technology (IOT). Owner-managed DISPLAY VISIONS GmbH has by now become the market leader in Europe in the field of LCD technology. Thanks to the company’s global distribution network, the displays are in use all over the world.

Left side of picture: Thomas Neumann, Head of Communication and Member of the Executive Board of the CCI for Munich and Upper Bavaria, presents Stefan Eber, Managing Director of DISPLAY VISIONS, with the certificate for 45 years of existence.

Also visible at https://www.electronicspecifier.com/products/displays/45-years-of-display-visions

Mini colour displays for the Raspberry Pico

DISPLAY VISIONS are now offering IPS displays with and without touchscreens, including adapter board, for the Raspberry Pico.

DISPLAY VISIONS GmbH presents a new colour display for the popular mini-computer Raspberry Pico. The RaPicoTFT009 offers a diagonal screen measurement of 0.9 inches, but still has a resolution of 160 x 80 pixels for high-definition displays. Thanks to the IPS technology (In-Plane Switching), it produces a high-contrast image with strong colours regardless of your viewing angle. As RaPicoTFT009TC, the display even comes with a capacitive touchscreen. Texts as well as images can be shown. It is also supplied with the corresponding software with C library, numerous functions and detailed documentation, making the presentation of measurement value and parameters really simple. Designed as a “Shield”, it can be connected directly to the mini-computer.
The energy-efficient screen (max. 80 mW) is perfectly suited to various IOT applications. At the Raspberry, only one of the two SPI interfaces, and one of the 26 GPIO pins (GP13), are required. The touchscreen version (RaPicoTFT009TC) also uses an I²C bus interface and another GPIO pin as an interrupt input (GP8).

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Mini-touch-panel with WiFi and BT function

In its “EA DEMOPACKs”, DISPLAY VISIONS is bundling the 2.8-inch uniTFT displays with a variety of additional modules including touch panel. As a new addition to the range there is now also a variant with WiFi and Bluetooth functionality.

Under the name “EA DEMOPACK”, DISPLAY VISIONS GmbH is offering its 2.8-inch graphic mini-TFT colour displays with touch interface in combination with various daughterboards. With these you can produce ready-to-run applications more or less ad hoc. For example, in addition to the miniature touch-panel EA uniTFTs028-ATC, the “EA DEMOPACK-WIFIBT” also includes a daughterboard with the well-known radio microcontroller ESP32. This can be used to connect the mini-display by WiFi or Bluetooth. Using the provided example programmes you can realise stand-alone applications right away, such as a weather station, a Bluetooth keyboard for smartphones or tablets or individual hotkeys for your computer. By means of the graphical development environment uniTFTDesigner you can effortlessly adapt the examples to your own requirements, without the need for in-depth programming skills, or produce your own applications. In a simple way, you produce individual screens, move objects on the display, alter readings during display, automatically enlarge important parameters or gently fade controls in and out. The radio microcontroller ESP32 is fully documented and uses the Arduino IDE as a programming interface. The EA DEMOPACKs are available now at www.shop.lcd-module.com.

The EA uniTFTs028-ATC are designed for the rigours of day-to-day industrial use. Their service life is at least 50,000 hours, with a broad operating temperature range from -20 °C to +70 °C. The brightness is a brilliant 1,000 cd/m². As with all its products, DISPLAY VISIONS GmbH guarantees long-term availability and comprehensive support.

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Crisp IPS Displays in all sizes

The small, coloured displays from DISPLAY VISIONS are the perfect replacement for monochrome displays. They impress thanks to their rich colours and strong contrasts, and have amazing angle stability.
With the EA TFT series, DISPLAY VISIONS has a series of small IPS colour displays to offer which are also excellently suited if you wish to replace monochrome graphics displays. In terms of the IPS technology, the light-conducting liquid crystals are aligned parallel to the image plane. This special arrangement means that colours and contrasts remain brilliant and stable, even if the viewing angle changes. The graphics displays can therefore be installed in a portrait format as well as landscape without any loss of readability. With maximum brightness levels of up to 1,000 cd/m², the displays are still clear to read even in direct sunlight.
The displays are currently offered in sizes from 0.96 inches (EA TFT009-81AINN) to 10.1 inches (EA W1280X-101ALW). In spite of its compact dimensions, even the EA TFT009-81AINN has a resolution of 80 x 160 pixels. As well as the standard RGB connection, some smaller displays also have a four-wire SPI, which saves pins. The µC data bus allows 8-bit or 16-bit parallel access. For SMD assembly, the right connectors are included as accessories. Even the smallest displays are available combined with a resistive or capacitive touch panel. Designed for industrial applications, the service life of the sturdy IPS displays is 50,000 hours at a broad operating temperature range from -20°C to +70°C. They are available right now and, as with all their products, DISPLAY VISIONS GmbH also offer long-term availability and a comprehensive support package.

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Available today and tomorrow: OLED displays

The availability of components in the electronics industry is currently a hotly debated topic. In most cases, a single thoughtlessly selected component part is all it takes to cause a total production stop if there are disruptions in the supply chain.

OLED displays of the “EA OLED” series are available – now from stock and in the next 10 years without any technical modifications. They come in a variety of versions, for example, as a graphic display with 128x64 (EA OLEDM128-6) or 102x64 dots (EA OLEDS102-6) and as a pure text variant with 4x20 characters (EA OLEDM204-A). Thanks to their high contrast and exceptionally wide viewing angle, they all offer outstanding readability. A unique selling point of these displays is their very rapid response time, which loses nothing of its crispness even at arctic temperatures of up to -40°C.

These displays are optionally available with an additional front screen for extra protection against scratching and UV radiation, which would reduce the service life of this display technology. They can be connected to microcontroller systems via either an SPI or I²C bus interface.

The modules are fitted with connecting pins in a 2.54-mm grid, making them suitable for both initial prototypes built on the breadboard and series production, because soldering into a PCB eliminates the need for any other assembly structures. A USB test board is available for quick and easy startup.

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Nothing is more constant than change! After nearly 45 years, ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY, the specialist for high-quality industrial displays, changes its name and will from now on be called DISPLAY VISIONS. The new name is designed to put even more emphasis on the company’s core competence.

By doing so, the experts for industrial displays acknowledge the fact that the main focus of their business activities has been placed on intelligent displays and HMI solutions as well as custom-built displays for more than 20 years. The product portfolio ranges from simple seven-segment displays for measuring instruments to sophisticated touch-panel colour displays. As a result, DISPLAY VISIONS serves a great number of industries from process automation, mechanical engineering and medical device technology to information technology (IOT). In terms of LCD technology, owner-managed DISPLAY VISIONS GmbH is now a market leader in Europe. Thanks to the global distribution network, the displays are used all over the world.

In keeping with the motto “making things easy”, displays ready to run right out of the box are developed in Gilching near Munich. Built-in graphics controllers featuring sophisticated graphic functions and animations enable developers to access them via simple function calls, eliminating the need for assembler programming and testing these functions. As a result, the finished product can be launched on the market considerably faster and at lower cost. Having its own development department and in-house production, DISPLAY VISIONS guarantees a high level of quality and that little bit of extra flexibility that is now more crucial to the success of its customers than ever.

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