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Dotmatrix Modules with snap-in housing for easy mounting

ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY also offers part of its LCD Dotmatrix series in snap-in housings for fast, uncomplicated mounting. All displays are addressed via the serial RS-232C interface as standard. Optionally, control via RS-422 is also possible. Data transmission rates of 300, 1,200, 2,400 and 9,600 baud are selectable. The displays are ready for operation. All cursor controls, such as line feed, are executed automatically. The snap-in variants are available for three text displays with 1x8, 2x16 and 4x20 characters.

Text displays in three variants

The compact text displays are available with one, two or four line displays, as EA SER081-92NLED, EA SER162-92NLED or EA SER204-92NLED. They are able to display the complete ASCII code, including German diacritics and "ß". The installation dimensions (70.5x48.5 mm) and the viewing window (56.5x22.0 mm) are identical for all of them. The single-line version EA SER081-92NLED can display eight characters with a height of 11.48 mm. The two-line model EA SER162-92NLED displays 16 characters each with a height of 6.68 mm on two lines. The four-line panel EA SER204-92NLED consists of four 20 characters with a height of 3.72 mm.

The text displays can be connected directly to a PLC, as they can be powered with 9 to 35 V same as with 5 V. The current consumption for all three models amounts to 140 mA. Up to 64 displays can be individually addressed at a serial interface via adjustable addressing. Optionally, they are also available with a keyboard input for a 5x5 matrix. Its integrated panel lighting can be switched on and off by software command.

Four different font sizes in one display

Under the designation EA 0099-KE ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY supplies a snap-in housing for the dynamic Dotmatrix module EA DYN218-N2LED. This display can display a maximum of 8x21 characters in four font sizes, also in mixed display. In addition, it loads small graphics, icons or logos via the RS-232 interface (optionally also RS-422). This allows displays to be adapted individually and texts and measured values to be highlighted as required. With a minimum of effort, situation-adapted display content can be realized.

Considering the compact external dimensions (93x70x28 mm), the module with 71.6x40 mm still offers a generous viewing window. It runs on 5 volts and draws a maximum of 220 mA when the LED lighting is activated.

ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY offers a variety of further displays with RS-232 interface. A cover frame made of plastic is an integral part of the delivery. These include 1 to 16 line displays with 8 to 40 characters per line.

Download the data sheet (pdf) and read more about our displays with RS-232.

Module for vertical installation

The EA DOGL128 offers maximum contrast not only when viewed perpendicularly, but also at an oblique angle from above, right or left. As a result, this display of the low-power EA DOG family from Electronic Assembly is predestined for installation in vertical front panels.

Due to its design, LC-displays usually only provides high contrast and sharpness when viewed vertically. However, if you look obliquely or even sideways at the panel, its image is pale or in extreme cases completely inverted, similar to a photo negative. With the DOGL128, Electronic Assembly has designed a graphical LC-display, which also provides a high-contrast when viewed from above. It can also be easily installed in portrait mode, such as in the front of laboratory power supplies or in a slim handheld device.

Despite its small dimensions of 51 x 68mm, it displays its 64 x 128 pixels on a generous viewing window of 36 x 64mm. The LC module itself measures only 2.8mm in thickness. The combinable backlight adds an additional 3.6mm. The contrast is adjusted once by command and remains stable over the entire operating temperature range between -20 to 70°C thanks to the integrated temperature compensation.

The DOGL128 is available in both FSTN and STN technology in five different background colours (white, black, blue, yellow-green, transmissive and yellow-green reflective). The panel variants can be combined with LED lighting in seven different colours, including full-colour RGB and white as the most effective and brightest light source. Designed for mains-independent operation, the DOGL128, including its backlight, is satisfied with 3.3V supply voltage in single supply operation. Its typical unilluminated current consumption amounts to 320µA in full operation, together with the white illumination it draws about 5mA. The display is interfaced via a serial four-wire SPI. Since communication is unidirectional, no busy queries are necessary, as is common practice.

Installation is extremely simple: With its 20 pins (grid dimension: 1/10”), it can be soldered directly into the board or plugged into socket strips. This simplifies the construction of a prototype as well as the subsequent construction in series production.

Electronic Assembly offers a free download of the simulation software. On a Windows PC, all display types including the various illuminations can be tested virtually with individual texts and images. Further slim displays are available starting with a width of 41mm.

Read here the complete data sheet (pdf) and more information on EA DOG series.

World's first OLED Modules with pins for fast mounting

As first manufacturer ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY has developed a complete range of OLED displays with pins for easy plug-in mounting. The high-contrast OLED displays also feature an extremely flat design, robust construction, and a long service life.

For quick and easy mounting ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY offers the world's first OLED display family with connector pins in 2.54mm pitch. These displays can be soldered directly or plugged into socket strips. Therefore, cumbersome gluing procedures or the need for designing a special mounting device belong to the past, as well as error-prone cable connections.

Since the individual OLED pixels themselves light up, these displays do not require any additional backlighting such as LCDs. As a result, OLED displays feature a very flat design (typically 2.4mm), wide viewing angles (up to 170°), high contrasts (2,000:1), fast response times (typically 10µs) and a high overall brightness (100cd/m2).

These features, together with an extended temperature range (-40 to +80°C) and a long service life (at least 50,0000h, up to 100,000h are possible), make them particularly suitable for mounting in mobile handheld devices for robust outdoor use.

The extremely good ratio of external dimensions to the active display area helps in designing very compact devices. In addition to the display in the standard colours yellow or white on black, special designs with green, red or blue are also possible for orders of a minimum quantity of 500 pieces. The devices can be controlled via both an SPI and an I2C interface.

ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY offers four model series within the OLED-family:

EA OLEDL128-6 provides a graphics display resolution of 128 x 64 pixels. It is about 68 millimeters wide and almost 48 millimeters high. The proportion of the active display area amounts to approximately 62 percent. The display is available in three different versions: As robust „Allround“ version with protective glass and an integrated polarizer for deep background black. As slim „Flat“ version without protective glass but with a component height of only 2.4 millimetres. And as elegant „Designer“ version without polarizer for mounting behind a smoked glass pane, for example. This display version features a shiny silver background and is even brighter.

EA OLEDM128-6 is slightly smaller (55mm x 43mm) while offering the same resolution. It is available in the versions "Allround" and "Flat".

The display unit EA OLEDS102-6 offers a resolution of 102 x 64 pixels (39mm x 38mm). It is available in the versions "Allround" and "Flat".

EA OLEDM204 is a text display with either 4 x 20 characters or 3 x 20 characters as well as 2 x 20 characters in double font size. This display measures 61 mm x 26 mm and is also available in the versions "Allround" and "Flat".

Numerous accessories, such as a USB test board, socket strips, PCAP touch panel or resistive touch panel round off the ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY product range.

More information you do find at our Website.

EA OLEDS102-6Datasheet

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Ultra-thin, razor-sharp and lightning-fast

With the EA OLEDS102-6LGA display family, Electronic Assembly introduces a product that combines the advantages of OLED technology with a particularly small form factor. The module offers the typical OLED high contrast ratio of 2000:1 and an extremely fast response time of only 10 microseconds - without any afterglow. In addition, the displays of the EA OLEDS102 6LGA series are conveniently easy to install: As the first OLED display developed by Electronic Assembly, this model can be plugged directly into a socket or soldered onto the circuit board. Fault-prone cable connections or complex soldering procedures belong to the past.
The most important advantage, however, relates to the simple mechanics: Due to its construction no screws, glue or other assembly constructions are necessary. At the same time, the pins also ensure the fastening. With its low height of only 2.4 mm, the EA OLEDS102 6LGA provides a particularly slim design for electronic handheld devices. In addition to its remarkably flat construction, the display module offers an extremely good ratio of its external dimensions to the active display area.Thus, the EA OLEDS102 6LGA is recommended for all applications where an above-average space economy is required. A wide operating temperature range (-40 to +80°C) allows operation outdoors and in harsh environments. With a service life of 50,000 operating hours (100,000 hours are possible), the display is also suitable for applications requiring particularly long operating times.
The model EA OLEDS102 6LGA features a resolution of 102x64 pixels - this allows the display of eight lines and 17 characters or four lines with 12 characters in large format. A SSD1306B controller is integrated and enables the display to be controlled either via an SPI or I²C interface. The content is displayed in yellow on a deep black background.

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