LCD accessories: frame, touch panel, connector, cable. Also for TFT displays

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Touchpanel for graphic displays.

Mounting bezel.

Test boards and software code.

Connectors and cables.

The right accessory for your display.

Accessories for LCD, TFT and OLED modules (bezel, cable, connector)

Touchpanel resistive and capacitive (PCAP)

Touchpanel resistive and capacitive (PCAP)

We do provide for many graphic displays touch panel solutions from 102x32 up to 1280x800 dots: either as an accessory with self adhesive at the rear side or as ready made unit incl. driver and serial interface.

Resistive touchpanel provide an analogue voltage which is direct proportional to the touch position of finger. It's possible to put the touch panel behind a thin foil and operated with a pen or finger. Even thick hand gloves may operate perfectly.

Our capacitive touchpanel are equipped with an onboard controller, which provides directly all positions via I²C bus interface. A thin window or a thin glove do not prevent operation.

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Accessories for TFT and IPS displays

EA 9980-TFT
Adapter board for various TFT displays from 1.5" to 10.1". Incl. onboard LED driver (max.95mA). Connection of the display via ZIFF (0.5mm and 0.3mm pitch).Additional touch panel connection Simple wiring via 2.54mm solder eye strip or pin strip.

EA 9782-1TFT
USB demo board with IPS display 0.96" (EA TFT009-18AINN). For operation as stand-alone and in cooperation with the window tool "startTFT.exe". Adjustment of brightness and direction of rotation 0°, 90°, 180° and 270°. Download of own images possible.

EA RaPicoTFT009
0.9" TFT display for Raspberry Pi Pico. For direct plug-on. With software libraries in C for texts and images. IPS technology for all-round viewing angle.

Adapter board for Raspberry Pi Zero to connect small TFT/IPS displays. For direct plug-on and with LED driver. For displays EA TFT015-22, EA TFT020-23, EA TFT028-23, EA TFT035-34 in sizes 1.5", 2.0", 2.8" and 3.5". Including support for touch panel. Display and board can be mounted separately and connected via 127mm long ZIFF cable.

Flexcable (FFC)

ZIFF Connector


  • EA 017-xxU series
    The bezels of the EA 017-xxU series are made of black ABS material to UL 94 V0 (up to 100°C, self-extinguishing, non-combustible) with a scratch-resistant, structured surface. They contain a snap-in mechanism for mounting of plates with a thickness of 1mm. The plates can thus be easily replaced, as required. A front plate can also be delivered with the specified bezels (clear plexiglass, anti-glare plexiglass or glass).
  • EA 017-xx series
    The bezels of the EA 017-xx series have a matt black, coated surface and an undercut at the back for sticking on plexiglass plates with a thickness of 1-2mm. The specified bezels can be delivered optionally with or without a fitted plexiglass plate.
  • EA 027-xxKE series
    The bezels of the EA 027-xxKE series are made of anthracite-colored ABS material. They are delivered exclusively with a replaceable, anti-glare plexiglass plate. They are delivered in packs of 10.

    You can download a data sheet containing details of all of the bezels here as a PDF file.

Bezels for dot-matrix/graphics LCDs
Viewing area
External dimensions
Installation dimensions
E.g. for
LCD module
1x16 63.5x12.8 79.5x25.0 69.7x19.2 EA 7161-A EA 017-1U - EA 027-1KE
2x16 60.0x14.8 76.0x27.0 66.2x21.2 EA P162-N EA 017-2U - EA 027-2KE
1x32 131.5x13.0 147.5x25.2 137.7x19.4 (EA 7321) - EA 017-3 -
2x40 153.0x14.8 169.0x27.0 159.2x21.2 EA P402 EA 017-4U - EA 027-4KE
2x32 140.0x15.8 156.0x28.0 146.2x22.2 EA 7322-B - EA 017-5 -
1x16 98.5x12.8 114.5x25.0 104.7x19.2 EA P161-E EA 017-6U - -
2x20 81.5x17.2 97.5x29.4 87.7x23.6 EA P202-B EA 017-7U - EA 027-7KE
4x16 60.8x24.2 76.8x36.4 67.0x30.6 EA P164 EA 017-8U - EA 027-8KE
4x20 75.0x24.2 91.0x36.4 81.2x30.6 EA P204-N EA 017-9U - EA 027-9KE
240x64 131.0x38.0 147.0x50.2 137.2x44.4 EA P240-6K2 EA 017-10U - -
1x40 243.0x18.0 259.0x30.2 249.2x24.4 EA 8401-B - EA 017-11 -
2x16 97.4x22.4 113.4x34.6 103.6x28.8 EA P162-B EA 017-12U - EA 027-12KE
4x40 145.0x28.0 161.0x40.2 151.2x34.4 EA P404-N EA 017-13U - EA 027-13KE
2x24 92.0x14.8 108.0x27.0 98.4x21.2 EA P242-N EA 017-14U - -
128x128 68.0x68.0 84.0x80.2 74.2x74.4 EA VK-2128 EA 017-15U - -
160x80 75.0x39.0 91.0x51.2 81.2x45.4 EA VK-5081 EA 017-16U - -
128x64 58.0x32.5 74.0x44.7 64.2x38.9 EA VK-2064 EA 017-17U - -
160x128 99.5x80.5 115.5x92.7 105.7x86.9 EA 7160-7K EA 017-18U - -
1x20 121.0x12.0 137.0x24.2 127.2x18.4 EA 8201-B - EA 017-23 -
2x20 121.0x22.0 137.0x34.2 127.2x28.4 EA P202-B2 - EA 017-24 -
4x20 121.0x41.5 137.0x53.7 127.2x47.9 EA P204-B - EA 017-25 -
1x20 145.0x17.5 161.0x29.7 151.2x23.9 EA P201-G - EA 017-26 -
2x20 145.0x33.8 161.0x46.0 151.2x40.2 EA 8202-C - EA 017-27 -

RS-232 interface

Many dot-matrix and graphics LCDs have only one option for connecting to an 8-bit data bus. If the data is to be transmitted serially (lack of ports, considerable distance), it is advisable to use an RS-232 interface. This interface then also handles the initialization and line management of text displays. Using an interface also considerably reduces the programming effort required with graphics displays as well.

  • RS-232 interface for dot-matrix displays
    The EA 9707-V24S board is suitable for all dot-matrix LCDs with HD 44780 (1x8 to 4x40 characters). It is a mere 80x32x14mm in size. The RS-232 connection is provided by a 10-pin connector, and there are 3 different 1- and 2-row soldering-eyelet strips available for connecting the display. The transmission rate can be set to 300, 1200, 2400 or 9600 bps. There is a contrast potentiometer on board. The supply voltage is +5V or +9-35V. You can download the full data sheet in PDF format here immediately. The price if you order 25 is 44.37 euros*) per item. An RS-422 interface and an integrated fixed-text memory for 64 pages with 6 digital inputs are available as options.

*) Prices quoted are inclusive of 19% sales tax.

  • RS-232 interface for graphics displays
    We can provide a suitable RS-232 interface for practically any graphics LCD in our range. We also offer some displays as fully configured graphics units. The different displays have resolutions of between 120x32 and 640x480 pixels. Each interface has a variety of integrated fonts and graphics functions that considerably simplify graphics programming, which can otherwise be really quite complex.

Abdeckrahmen aus Kunststoff

  • Serie EA 017-xxU
    Die Frontrahmen der Serie EA 017-xxU bestehen aus schwarzem ABS-Material nach UL 94 V0 (bis 100°C, selbstverlöschend, nicht brennbar) mit kratzfester, strukturierter Oberfläche. Sie enthalten eine Snap-In Vorrichtung für die Montage verschiedenster Scheiben mit einer Stärke von 1mm. Dadurch sind bei Bedarf die Scheiben leicht auswechselbar. Zu den genannten Frontrahmen kann wahlweise eine Frontscheibe geliefert werden (Acryl klar, Acryl entspiegelt oder teilweise mit Glas.
  • Serie EA 017-xx
    Die Frontrahmen der Serie EA 017-xx haben eine mattschwarz lackierte Oberfläche und enthalten eine rückseitige Hinterschneidung für die Klebemontage von Acrylscheiben mit einer Dicke von 1-2mm. Die genannten Frontrahmen können wahlweise mit oder ohne eingeklebter Acrylscheibe geliefert werden.
  • Serie EA 027-xxKE
    Die Frontrahmen der Serie EA 027-xxKE sind aus anthrazit farbigem ABS-Material gefertigt. Sie werden ausschließlich mit einer auswechselbaren entspiegelten Acrylscheibe geliefert. Die Verpackungseinheit beträgt hier 10 Stück. 

    Ein komplettes Datenblatt mit allen Frontrahmen können Sie hier sofort als PDF Datei öffnen.
Mounting bezel

Mounting bezel

We do deliver mounting bezels for our HMI panel series EA KITxxx and EA eDIPxxx. They are made of anodized aluminium. This provides a professional design and handles mounting of complete display automatically.

These sizes are available:

- 128x64
- 160x104
- 160x128
- 240x64
- 240x128
- 320x240
- 800x480

Aks for more details by E-Mail!

Software / Test boards

Software / Test boards

A Simulator for our EA DOG text and graphic series. Handy and compact without installation; it's easy to simulate all displays incl. backlight on your own monitor. Switch the backlight on and off, show individual text and pictures. Everything for free and very helpful, not only in advance to the development.

More tools and converter software is available on our website Driver and Tools.

Test and evaluation boards are procurable at our webshop.

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