Mini-touch-panel with WiFi and BT function

In its “EA DEMOPACKs”, DISPLAY VISIONS is bundling the 2.8-inch uniTFT displays with a variety of additional modules including touch panel. As a new addition to the range there is now also a variant with WiFi and Bluetooth functionality.

Under the name “EA DEMOPACK”, DISPLAY VISIONS GmbH is offering its 2.8-inch graphic mini-TFT colour displays with touch interface in combination with various daughterboards. With these you can produce ready-to-run applications more or less ad hoc. For example, in addition to the miniature touch-panel EA uniTFTs028-ATC, the “EA DEMOPACK-WIFIBT” also includes a daughterboard with the well-known radio microcontroller ESP32. This can be used to connect the mini-display by WiFi or Bluetooth. Using the provided example programmes you can realise stand-alone applications right away, such as a weather station, a Bluetooth keyboard for smartphones or tablets or individual hotkeys for your computer. By means of the graphical development environment uniTFTDesigner you can effortlessly adapt the examples to your own requirements, without the need for in-depth programming skills, or produce your own applications. In a simple way, you produce individual screens, move objects on the display, alter readings during display, automatically enlarge important parameters or gently fade controls in and out. The radio microcontroller ESP32 is fully documented and uses the Arduino IDE as a programming interface. The EA DEMOPACKs are available now at

The EA uniTFTs028-ATC are designed for the rigours of day-to-day industrial use. Their service life is at least 50,000 hours, with a broad operating temperature range from -20 °C to +70 °C. The brightness is a brilliant 1,000 cd/m². As with all its products, DISPLAY VISIONS GmbH guarantees long-term availability and comprehensive support.

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