Monochrome Graphic Displays with Touch

The graphic displays of the EA DOG series can be equipped with an additional touch. This allows elegant input in a very small space. Additional components like buttons and switches are no longer necessary.

The resistive versions can also be operated with gloves or a pen. The capacitive versions have a built-in controller with I²C bus interface.

Both versions can be glued directly onto the display.

Display   Outline Resistive PCAP
DOGS102-6 1.7" 39x41mm TOUCH102-1 TOUCH102-17C1
DOGM128-6 2.3" 55x46mm TOUCH128-1  
DOGL128-6 2.8" 68x51mm TOUCH128-2 TOUCH128-29C1
DOGXL160-7 3.3" 78x64mm TOUCH160-1  
DOGM240-6 3.6" 94x40mm TOUCH240-4  
DOGXL240-7 3.9" 94x67mm TOUCH240-3  

EA Shop

Accessories like connectors are mentioned in the relating data sheet of the display. Complete operating units including display, touch panel and electronics can be found in our eDIP series.