OLED with facinating wide viewing angle

With this text display, up to 4 lines and 20 characters can be displayed. When double height is selected, display becomes a 2x20 character type. This means that the display can even read from 3~4m distance. The character set includes the classically ASCII codes and two more character sets with European and Cyrillic characters.

- Extremely compact outline and large active area
- 61x26mm
- Super flat with 2.4 mm for the version without protective glass
- SPI and I²C interface
- Simple assembly: place and solder
- Various versions available from 1 piece
- Long service life (50,000 to 100,000 h are possible)
- Wide temperature range from -40 .. + 80 °C
- Fast response times, no afterglow of each pixel

More information about this new display and here's the data sheet.