- Intuitively create screen pages for your

  HMI from 1.5" up to 10.1


- Simulator, Debugger

- I/O programming

WYSIWYG tool for operating units of the uniTFT series

What can the uniTFTDesigner do ?

With a graphics tool specially adapted to the capabilities of the uniTFT displays, the uniTFTDesigner, screen layouts and user interfaces are created in no time at all. Objects are dragged and dropped into the virtual screen, where their size, rotation angle and position can be easily adjusted with the mouse.
The other properties of an object can be adjusted down to the pixel via a menu at any time. Standardized style sheets help to create a consistent layout. Grouping functions, alignment tools and grids help to maintain symmetry. Images, sounds and Windows fonts in any size are quickly selected and integrated.
Macros are created using a text editor with syntax help. Since each object has an individual ID, it can therefore also be extensively manipulated later.
Getting started is easy thanks to many included examples.

Download at the bottom of the page...

The new version uniTFTDesigner 2.0 is available !

The new version comes with many new features and useful enhancements. The update is free of charge.

Project Services: We program your screen pages.

Picture Box: More content on the smallest displays.

Array Editor: Import and edit .csv files.

uniTFTacademy: Many, many video tutorials.

Screen Transitions: Design screen transitions.

Tree Search: Project-wide search function.

Macro Editor: Auto-completion.

Encrytion: Secure your project against unwanted copying.


Preview window

Here all screen pages are displayed and you immediately get a real preview.

All objects within the screen pages are directly editable, can be moved, enlarged or even deleted.

Pixel-exact or by mouse with many symmetry-help-functions.


All available objects are accessible here: rectangles, lines, texts, touch fields, bar graph, etc. They are simply dragged and dropped onto the desired screen page.

Even complex objects like a clock, a pointer instrument, a keyboard or a graph with coordinate system are predefined.


Each object is assigned certain properties such as name, number, position, size, transparency.

Touch fields can trigger certain events on "down", "up", "drag" or "double-click".

Numbers can be assigned to certain variables and displayed in different fonts.


Via "F1" a detailed description of the selected command appears here.


Macro programming

Macros can be used to set GPIOs, perform conversions, control external peripherals, program "if-then" decisions, and much more, in addition to the graphical elements.

Project Navigation

On the far left is an overview of all screen pages, the placed objects and macros in the project.

The styles for fonts, colors and fills are also defined here clearly and uniformly for the entire project.


to open or import, as well as different views are stored here. The simulator is located here and downloading to the display is started here.

Various other tools such as the instrument editor, a hardcopy tool, a terminal and a language editor can be found here.

Simulator & Debugger

With the help of the integrated simulator, the content of all created pages and objects as well as their function (e.g. touch keys) can be tested immediately - even without a display on hand.
Even the inputs and outputs or the PWM can be simulated immediately on the Windows PC. This is the way for fast solutions.
Downloading to the display is just a mouse click away: no need to replace the SD card!
In addition, a terminal is integrated, an instrument editor, a hardcopy tool and an editor for multilingualism to store the labels and texts directly in different languages, elegant alignment functions, etc.
Need a software update? Anytime free of charge automatically or on request.

uniTFTDesigner academy - Tutorials für WYSIWYG Tool und uniTFT Funktionen

uniTFTDesigner. The free graphics tool

With a graphics tool specially adapted to the capabilities of this display, screen layouts and user interfaces are created in no time at all. Touch fields, texts and images are integrated into individual screen pages using the drag & drop function. The properties of an object (position, size, angle, transparency) are quickly and easily adjusted. The same applies to the standardized style sheets, which define the fill color, the border and the font, among other things.

Included is a complete simulator, macro editor and debugger; so all projects can be developed and tested without hardware.

Download uniTFTdesigner WYSIWYG Tool Erste Schritte uniTFTDesigner Tool für Windows uniTFTdesigner academy Video tutorials
Free download First steps Video tutorials, overview

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