Modbus Control Unit

The EA HMIxxx series offers a range of operating units with Modbus protocol. These operating units are available in different sizes, each with integrated Modbus. An exceptional brilliance and clarity is noticeable compared to other operating units available on the market. One version communicates via RS-485 (Modbus/RTU) or WLAN (Modbus/TCP), another via Ethernet (Modbus/TCP). The connection is extremely simple: 24 V is required for operation and, for example, the 2/3 lines for RS-485. The data for the operating unit is exchanged via the Modbus-typical registers in both directions as input and output. The various baud rates and parameters or IP addresses can be set individually. The assignment of the Modbus registers is also completely customisable.
Free Windows software, the "HMIdesigner", is available as a design tool for the operating units. This can be used to create unlimited screen layouts as templates and load them directly into the display via Modbus.

Further information on this display series can be found here.