Electronic Assembly's DOG-Displays and Arduino – as if made for each other

The Arduino open source computer platform has taken the hearts (and desktops) of product design engineers and programmers by storm. The versatile, low-cost EA DOG series from Electronic Assembly is the ideal display for Arduino systems. As part of its “Arduino meets DOG” campaign, Electronic Assembly has given developers free-of-charge access to all of the documentation needed to connect DOG displays to the Arduino.
The support package includes circuit diagrams, EAGLE PCB layouts, component placements, initiation sequences and sample programs for operating the display on an Arduino Uno.

Five product types based on different technologies are available in the DOG series: positive and negative character display as well as transmissive, transflective and reflective display technologies. These basic types can be supplied in one, two or three line versions. As the display units can be used in combination with 6 different backlight modules, there are a large number of possible versions.

Electronic Assembly's DOG series will run out of the box on 3.3V, which is highly recommended for mobile devices. Low current consumption (only 250 microamperes) is a definite advantage in these applications. The display can also be powered from a 5V source without problem.

The external dimensions of the displays were also defined with handy, mobile devices in mind. The units are very compact. Including the backlight module, they are only 5.8 mm thick. Without the backlight module, the thickness is just 2 mm. The 55 x 31 mm footprint including a 51 x 14.5 mm viewing window is also extremely compact.

Besides the free support package, unpopulated boards (Arduino Shields) for text and graphic displays including the EA DOGS102-6, EA DOGM132-5 and EA DOGLM128-6 are also available from Electronic Assembly at extra charge.

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