LCD for pcb mounting

Without any mounting needs the new DIP modules are fixing itself. Just put it into pcb and solder. There are no more srews, pin header or cable necessary. Soldered means mounted. As this is a absolute new design there are some more advantages: active area is an optimum for these outline dimensions. At this moment there are 6 different modules in 2 sizes available. The smaller ones, EA DIPS, do have 40x20mm outline dimensions and provide 1x8 and 2x8 characters with 7.15mm and 5.01mm font size. The bigger size series got 4 members: a dotmatrix 1x8 with large 11.48 font, a 2x16/6.68mm and a 4x20/3.72mm as character displays. The graphics version has a resolution of 122x32 dots and an integrated controller SED1520. All modules of same series do have same pinout and can be replaced by each other. STN technology provides a wide viewing angle and the bigger modules were shipped with LED backlight. All modules are standard and available ex stock.

Helpful link: DIP modules, Data Sheets: 1x8 EA 8081-A3N2x8 EA DIPS082-HN1x8 EA DIP081-CNLED2x16 EA DIP162-DNLED4x20 EA DIP204-4NLED122x32 EA DIP122-5NLED
April, 25th. 2002 Ralph Tischer