String will be updated partially only


Hello, I want to show different values in one string. But the automatic string is not updated everytime the value changes. I use command #SAP..



The command #SAP places an automatic changing formatted string and is the perfect choice.

There is a small trap: If you display multiple values, only the first one is supervised. #SAP Obj-ID,..."%d, %d"; (R0+5), (R1/10) <LF> If R0 changes the text label is updated. If R1 changes nothing happens, because the first parameter is not changing.

There are two possible solutions:

- place two independently automatic strings #SAP.

- use the command #SAC. To stick to the example: #SAC Obj-ID, (R0+R1)<LF>. This command only changes the calculation to be supervised, not the parameters for the print and will help to solve the problem.

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