How to transfer the macro files into the eDIP240?

We are currently designing  the EA eDIP240-7 display in one of our products.
So far we have programmed the EEPROM on the display using the KitEditor connected to the display via the RS-232. For production reasons we would like to write our own program that programs the EEPROM. Where can I find the specification for the commands that are required to program the EEPROM?

You can send the created macro file *.eep with any other system to the EA eDIP240-7.
All programming commands are in this file, so you only need to send the content of the *.eep file (via RS-232, SPI or I2C with the small protocol in packets) to the EA eDIP240-7.

For Windows/DOS we  have a little tool called copycom.exe

Usage (COM1) with the small protocol:

copycom projectname.eep -c1 -b115200 –p

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