How I am able to display a picture

I use an EA eDIP320J-8LWTP. Now I would like to implement a bitmap for a start-up screen in the display. I  installed the EA KIT editor and USB driver.

The EA KIT editor (ELECRONIC ASSEMBLY LCD Tools) is the right tool for that. When the USB driver is correctly installed  , connect the display to the USB.

Open the EA KIT editor and the file

As a first step save it, for example, as  “show_picture.kmc”

This is the code for the power-on macro:

Picture 10 <..\..\..\bitmaps\monochrome\ea2.bmp> ; double click to open

Macro: MnPowerOn

;---- Place ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY Logo ----
#TC 0 ; Cursor invisible
#UI 101,20,10 ; place Picture no. 10
#GD 30,75,290,75 ; draw a line