¼VGA: power consumption and available controllers

Our factory is looking for a graphics LCD  for our prototype. I  read somewhere that you sell displays ‒ and I  even found the type ‒ 320x240STN with CFL backlight (EA 7320-7.9NC), but I would like to have some technical information about it: I would like to know:
1. Power consumption (with and without a backlight)
2. Power supply (voltage)
3. If it is equipped with a controller (if not ‒ what type of controller does it need and do you have it?)
4. Price of the full kit or parts (I mean the display, controller and backlight)

Thank you for your e-mail enquiry. Here are  answers to your questions. Please note that this data is only valid for the EA 7320-7,9NC:

1. The power supply current at VCC is max. 15mA, at VEE max. 10mA
2. The logic voltage is 5V ±10% and the driving voltage for the contrast is -14..-21V (it depends on the temperature)
3. For driving the LCD you need a controller chip like SED 1330 or MSM 6255 and some drivers, display memory and a decoder. Then you have to write  software with graphics routines, fonts ...
Furthermore you need a CFL inverter for driving the CFL backlight (e.g. EA CXA-E005 DM 29.00 per pc.)
4. The price for the full featured RS-232 KIT (EA KIT7320-V24) is DM 850.00 per pc.    It includes 5  integrated fonts, various graphics functions and an RS-232 interface. The power supply is simply 5V. You  no longer need a CFL inverter .

There are some other 1/4 VGA LCDs available: