Horizontal / diagonal lines on the display

I just purchased and received 2 EA DOGM128W-6 displays from Mouser along with 2 white backlights. Upon opening the package, I can see  2 horizontal lines on the front of the displays. Is this normal or are the displays damaged? Will these lines go away once the display is powered up?
Not to be confused with the 2 diagonal lines and circle ROHS sticker on the back of the display.

The black/gray lines  indicate that there are  protection foils  that have to be removed before assembling.

There is a protection foil
- On the front side of the display
- On the rear side of the display
- On the front side of the backlight

Please remove these before mounting and soldering. The RoHS sticker will come off automatically when you pull off the rear side protection foil.

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