Does the EA DOGXL160-7 support grey scale / gray level?

The EA DOGXL uses the UC1610 controller that supports the 2 -bit gray scale. Does the gray scale work with the DOGXL?

Yes, that’s a good question. Please  note that  the display also supports the 4 gray levels! It’s simply not mentioned in the data sheet.
On the other hand ‒ and this is the reason why we do not promote it ‒ every gray level  reduces the contrast.  So we suggest   preferential use of the full black color, whenever possible.
But for some small issues, it may be wise to also use the gray levels , e.g. for a disabled function. But for   most display content we
suggest  using the full black/white option.
Here’s the link to the controllers user manual UC1610.
Have fun with it!

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