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Overview of 2006

Attention: Intelligence!

Now the first 5.7" displays with integrated intelligence is available. The 8 soft fonts and more than 130 integrated graphic functions do give a preview of tomorrows graphic programming. There's no more need to be firm in any programming language. Everybody is able to benefit for a modern graphic display now. It is absolute easy to use various fonts, to draw a line, place a picture, draw a bargraph and to create a pull-down menu.

Connection is be done via one of three built-in interface RS-232, SPI and I?C bus. Power supply is simple +5V. Displays are available in blue-white, black&white and amber. All of them are good for an operating temperature range of -20..+70°C; automatic temperature compensation is also built-in.
As an option you can get the whole series EA eDIP320-8 even with analogue touch panel. Then touch panel controller is integrated automatically and all touch abilities are featured by software commands. Via touch panel a lot of input can be done: screen change, analogue settings, open menu, or transfer any data via serial interface. Therefore it is easy to drive any external equipment. Even macros and bitmaps are storeable with internal FLASH PROM. Same with all fonts that can be changed and extended therefore very simple.
The resolution is 320x240 dots (1/4-VGA) with an area of 5.7" (121x93 mm). Displays are very compact with 138x105x11.6 mm. The smaller version with 4.5" is fully downward compatible. All EMC requirements are met. On internet the complete development tool including a simulator for Windows is available f.o.c. This tool demonstrates not only the functionality but it is also besides the development a useful tool. Within minutes the starter kit EA STARTeDIP320 brings it all into operation.

Helpful link: eDIP, Flyer, Data Sheet: EA eDIP320-8, Compiler, Examples: setup electronic assembly tools.zip
2nd. January 2007 Ralph Tischer

The new Fresh with green LCD displays

Stop now the boring old display technology. Once again ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY is brilliant in innovative LCD displays. Subsequent to the amber coloured displays there are some new members of DIP family in green now. This will liven up the monochrome display world. You have the choice now for the same display in blue-white, black&white, amber and green-black, according to the application. The EA DIP128J-6N5LG provides with it's 128x64 dots enough space for messages and pictures. Outline dimensions are 75x45.8x10.8mm only. Thanks to the new FSTN technology the viewing angle is extreme wide and the contrast is brilliant. Readability under direct sunlight is also fine because of the transflective background. Already the standard type fullfills industrial requirements for the extended temperature range of -20 up to +70°C. Along of the integrated temperature compensation there's no need to adjust contrast over the whole temperature range. Power supply is 5V or 3.3V (single supply). Interface is 8 bit parallel for uC. In the mean time DIP family consist of more than 30 different members as text and graphic displays. Some more are announced already.

Helpful link: DIPFlyer, Data Sheet: EA DIP128-6
November, 30th. 2006 Ralph Tischer

A hot look for a cool logger

A very interesting product has launched as the EA SYLOG-USB-1, the world's first battery powered temperature data logger with a direct USB interface. Using the Windows compatible software supplied, the EA SYLOG-USB-1 can be configured to measure temperatures from -25 to +80°C (-13 to +176 F). User selectable logging intervals from 10 seconds to 12 hours and a memory capacity of more than 16,000 readings make this data logger ideal for many temperature dependant industrial and consumer applications. The logger's housing provides an IP67 rated waterproof seal enabling the product to be used in harsh environments. The EA SYLOG-USB-1 has user programmable high and low temperature alarms, which are shown locally by a bright red LED and can be set to remain active once an alarm level has been triggered. Additional green and amber LEDs inform the user of other logger conditions, including memory capacity and battery status. All readings are stored in non-volatile memory ensuring important data is never lost. Simply plug into a USB socket on a PC for instant download and graphing of logged data. Once the data has been downloaded, the logger can be instantly reconfigured to begin the next application. The EA SYLOG-USB-1 and some other data loggers in the same style for humidity, carbon monoxide, voltage and loop current 4~20mA are available immediately from ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY.

August, 29th. 2006 Ralph Tischer

Orange last 100,000 hrs.

From now on ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY provides several displays with amber colored backlight. As a standard there are some character displays available with 1x8, 2x16 and 3x16 character, as well as graphic displays EA DIP128-6, EA eDIP240-7 and EA eDIP320-8 with 128x64, 240x128 and 320x240 dots. The new models provide brillant brightness and they are very well readable under all conditions - even at direct sun light. The expected life time is 100,000 hours and more. Even at enhanced ambient temperature of up to +70°C. All designs are very compact. The displays EA eDIP240-7 (4,5") and EA eDIP320-8 (5,7") are the world first intelligent graphic displays. With 8 fonts built-in and more than 112 graphic functions they will give you a glance how graphic programming will be done in future. From now on no programming knowledge is necessary for the purpose of using all possibilities of a modern graphic lcd. It is very simple and quick to use various fonts and font sizes, draw lines, place bitmaps, use bargraph function and to create a pull-down menu etc. Connection is very easy done via one of 3 built-in interface RS-232, SPI and I?C bus. Power supply is single +5V. Optionally these displays are available with an analogue touchpanel, too. Although already touch controller is built in, surcharge is small. Via touchpanel inputs can be done, or screen can be changed or analogue parameter adjusted, menus opened, or any character or byte can be sent via serial interface. With that easyly any external equipment can be controlled. In on board EEPROM it is possible to store macro functionality and bitmaps. Furthermore some single character or the complete character set can be enhanced or changed totally. The development tool including simulator software for Windows is available for free by internet. It demonstrates the complete functionality and supports the development later on.

Data Sheet: EA DIP128-6EA eDIP240-7, EA eDIP320-8
July, 18th. 2006 Ralph Tischer

1 Unit Display for 19" rack

ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY exceeds its standard product range with a new member of the established DIP-Module family. The new one EA DIP180B-5NLW is a blue-white 180x32 graphic module. It is distiguised by a famous contrast and a super bright LED backlight with low power of max. 45mA. More features are: very even backlight, super fast response (even at -20°C), as well as automatic temperature compensation and a built-in controller AX1520.
Thanks to it's compact design (viewing area 88x19mm, outline dimensions 102x27x11mm) this graphic display is perfect for usage in 19" rack with a height of 1 unit only or other cases with less height. The new display matches perfectly to the whole DIP-series, which contains in the mean time 20 different displays in yellow/green, blue-white and black&white. All of them are easy to mount because it is completely enough to solder into pcb. This will be done by 2 integrated pin header at the rear side of display.
Available are character displays with 1x8, 2x8, 2x16 and 4x20 character, as well as graphic displays (optionally with touch panel) with a resolution of 122x32, 128x64, 180x32 and 240x128 dots. Furthermore there is an intelligent 240x128 graphic display available with touch panel and 3 built-in interfaces RS-232, SPI and I?C. More graphic displays with higher resolution (5,7", 1/4-VGA) are under development. 

Data Sheet: EA DIP180B-5 (german), more graphic displays
February, 1st. 2006 Ralph Tischer

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