Attention: Intelligence!

Now the first 5.7" displays with integrated intelligence is available. The 8 soft fonts and more than 130 integrated graphic functions do give a preview of tomorrows graphic programming. There's no more need to be firm in any programming language. Everybody is able to benefit for a modern graphic display now. It is absolute easy to use various fonts, to draw a line, place a picture, draw a bargraph and to create a pull-down menu.

Connection is be done via one of three built-in interface RS-232, SPI and I?C bus. Power supply is simple +5V. Displays are available in blue-white, black&white and amber. All of them are good for an operating temperature range of -20..+70°C; automatic temperature compensation is also built-in.
As an option you can get the whole series EA eDIP320-8 even with analogue touch panel. Then touch panel controller is integrated automatically and all touch abilities are featured by software commands. Via touch panel a lot of input can be done: screen change, analogue settings, open menu, or transfer any data via serial interface. Therefore it is easy to drive any external equipment. Even macros and bitmaps are storeable with internal FLASH PROM. Same with all fonts that can be changed and extended therefore very simple.
The resolution is 320x240 dots (1/4-VGA) with an area of 5.7" (121x93 mm). Displays are very compact with 138x105x11.6 mm. The smaller version with 4.5" is fully downward compatible. All EMC requirements are met. On internet the complete development tool including a simulator for Windows is available f.o.c. This tool demonstrates not only the functionality but it is also besides the development a useful tool. Within minutes the starter kit EA STARTeDIP320 brings it all into operation.

Helpful link: eDIP, Flyer, Data Sheet: EA eDIP320-8, Compiler, Examples: setup electronic assembly
2nd. January 2007 Ralph Tischer