The new Fresh with green LCD displays

Stop now the boring old display technology. Once again ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY is brilliant in innovative LCD displays. Subsequent to the amber coloured displays there are some new members of DIP family in green now. This will liven up the monochrome display world. You have the choice now for the same display in blue-white, black&white, amber and green-black, according to the application. The EA DIP128J-6N5LG provides with it's 128x64 dots enough space for messages and pictures. Outline dimensions are 75x45.8x10.8mm only. Thanks to the new FSTN technology the viewing angle is extreme wide and the contrast is brilliant. Readability under direct sunlight is also fine because of the transflective background. Already the standard type fullfills industrial requirements for the extended temperature range of -20 up to +70°C. Along of the integrated temperature compensation there's no need to adjust contrast over the whole temperature range. Power supply is 5V or 3.3V (single supply). Interface is 8 bit parallel for uC. In the mean time DIP family consist of more than 30 different members as text and graphic displays. Some more are announced already.

Helpful link: DIPFlyer, Data Sheet: EA DIP128-6
November, 30th. 2006 Ralph Tischer