Orange last 100,000 hrs.

From now on ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY provides several displays with amber colored backlight. As a standard there are some character displays available with 1x8, 2x16 and 3x16 character, as well as graphic displays EA DIP128-6, EA eDIP240-7 and EA eDIP320-8 with 128x64, 240x128 and 320x240 dots. The new models provide brillant brightness and they are very well readable under all conditions - even at direct sun light. The expected life time is 100,000 hours and more. Even at enhanced ambient temperature of up to +70°C. All designs are very compact. The displays EA eDIP240-7 (4,5") and EA eDIP320-8 (5,7") are the world first intelligent graphic displays. With 8 fonts built-in and more than 112 graphic functions they will give you a glance how graphic programming will be done in future. From now on no programming knowledge is necessary for the purpose of using all possibilities of a modern graphic lcd. It is very simple and quick to use various fonts and font sizes, draw lines, place bitmaps, use bargraph function and to create a pull-down menu etc. Connection is very easy done via one of 3 built-in interface RS-232, SPI and I?C bus. Power supply is single +5V. Optionally these displays are available with an analogue touchpanel, too. Although already touch controller is built in, surcharge is small. Via touchpanel inputs can be done, or screen can be changed or analogue parameter adjusted, menus opened, or any character or byte can be sent via serial interface. With that easyly any external equipment can be controlled. In on board EEPROM it is possible to store macro functionality and bitmaps. Furthermore some single character or the complete character set can be enhanced or changed totally. The development tool including simulator software for Windows is available for free by internet. It demonstrates the complete functionality and supports the development later on.

Data Sheet: EA DIP128-6EA eDIP240-7, EA eDIP320-8
July, 18th. 2006 Ralph Tischer