1 Unit Display for 19" rack

ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY exceeds its standard product range with a new member of the established DIP-Module family. The new one EA DIP180B-5NLW is a blue-white 180x32 graphic module. It is distiguised by a famous contrast and a super bright LED backlight with low power of max. 45mA. More features are: very even backlight, super fast response (even at -20°C), as well as automatic temperature compensation and a built-in controller AX1520.
Thanks to it's compact design (viewing area 88x19mm, outline dimensions 102x27x11mm) this graphic display is perfect for usage in 19" rack with a height of 1 unit only or other cases with less height. The new display matches perfectly to the whole DIP-series, which contains in the mean time 20 different displays in yellow/green, blue-white and black&white. All of them are easy to mount because it is completely enough to solder into pcb. This will be done by 2 integrated pin header at the rear side of display.
Available are character displays with 1x8, 2x8, 2x16 and 4x20 character, as well as graphic displays (optionally with touch panel) with a resolution of 122x32, 128x64, 180x32 and 240x128 dots. Furthermore there is an intelligent 240x128 graphic display available with touch panel and 3 built-in interfaces RS-232, SPI and I?C. More graphic displays with higher resolution (5,7", 1/4-VGA) are under development. 

Data Sheet: EA DIP180B-5 (german), more graphic displays
February, 1st. 2006 Ralph Tischer