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Overview of 2004

112 Different Functions!

The world-first displays with built-in intelligence arrived now ! With 8 of their built-in fonts and more than 112 graphic routines are giving you a taste of graphics programming of tomorrow. From now on you do not need to be a computer programmer to make alive all abilities of a modern graphic LCD. With this new display it is easy to use various character sets, draw a line, show a bitmap, place a bargraph and use the pull-down-menu function, for example.Interface is easy by using one of 3 built-in serial communication ports: RS-232, SPI and I²C-bus. Power supply is +5V only. Displays are available in blue-white and black&white FSTN technology. They are all good for an operting temperature range of -20..+70°C; temperature compensation inclusive.

Optionally EA eDIP240-7 displays are available with analogue touch panel. Even tough touch controller and software is built-in already, price adder is only 10.- EUR. Together with touch panel there can be done inputs, screen updates, adjustment of analogue parameters, open menu or transmit data via serial interface. Thereby operator is able to control external equipment elegantly. Thanks to the on-board EEPROM macros and pictures can be stored or built-in fonts can be changed and extended.
These displays provide a resolution of 240x128 dots with a screen area of 4.5" (96x61mm). With it's 113x70x10.8mm outline dimensions it's construction is very compact. Mounting is very easy and cost-saving because of direct assembly into pcb. All EMV requirements are fulfilled easyly.
A complete development tool with included simulator is available on internet for free. Functionality is demonstrated very quick and it is helpfull for development later on, too.

Helpful link: EA eDIP240-7, Data Sheet: EA eDIP240-7, Compiler, Simulator: setup electronic assembly tools.zip
December, 7th. 2004 Ralph Tischer

Real 3.3V Displays

Thats new on display market: with it's DOG-series ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY launched the 1st. display series for real 3.3V operation. Even all optional backlights are designed for 3.3V - without any additional components.DOG series will start with 3 types: 1x8 character, 2x16 and 3x16 character. Outline dimensions are very compact with 55x27mm and especially designed for handheld applications and low power applications.Thanks to the most modern Chip-On-Glas technology (STN and FSTN) overall height is 2.0mm only. Even together with LED backlight thickness will increase to 5.8mm only. Operating temperature range of -20..+70°C (temperature compensated) is standard.Standard character height of 5.57 mm for the 2x16 makes "DOG modules" easy readable. User can decide for 3 different interface 4-Bit, 8-Bit and SPI. No need to say that character set with full 248 ASCII characters is installed. Because of direct placement onto pcb production and mounting cost are unequalled low. No special mounting is required.Combining various display technologies (positive/negative, blue/green/black) with different backlights (white, blue, amber, yellow/green, red) gives the advantage of many different design looks.

Helpful link: EA DOG series, Flyer, Data Sheet: EA DOG series
October 22nd. 2004 Ralph Tischer

Show your colours!

Watch and control your equipment without incooperate a lot of driver and Windows programming - that were the basic product specification when development starts for the new ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY control unit. The result is called EA KIT320F-8CTP and it shows itself as a consequent evolution of the well-tried control units in blue-white with built-in touch panel: easy to use but nevertheless perfect in all functions.The new functions like colour-selection and the 2 analogue input lines with automatic-scaling function give the user even more freedom to design an appealing and logic screen. Now you are working with 16 colours with a 5.7" ¼-VGA display. Indeed to work with all that functions it is not necessary to own programming abilities. Various settings for fonts, draw lines, place a bitmap, draw bargraph, design pull-down-menu, this all is done very quick and easy.Connection to the "rest of the world" including the built-in touch panel status can be done by RS-232, RS-422 or RS-485 interface. To make the unit compatible to various power supply requirements, versions for 5V, 12V and 24V are available. As an accessory a black anodized aluminium bezel can be ordered for smart mounting.Via integrated touch panel screen can be changed, analog value can be set, screen menu can be opened, output can be set and every code can be sent via serial interface. The on-board FLASH memory stores a complete sequence of operations or some bitmaps as a macro. This reduces data transfer via serial interface dramatically.The new coloured control unit is available quasi ex stock and extreme well-priced. A simulator software for Windows, which can be downloaded from web site for free, shows the whole functionality and supports development people later on, too.

Helpful link: Control Units, Data Sheet: EA KIT320F-8CTP
January, 26th. 2004 Ralph Tischer

A new member of DIP-serie

Within all standard lc-displays on market ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY presents the smallest graphic module with blue-white design. The new EA DIP122B-5NLW (122x32 dots) with it's unbeatable contrast is available ex stock now! More features are: bright LED-backlight at 60mA only, absolute even background illumination, super fast response characteristic even at -20°C, controller SED1520 built-in, automatically temperature compensation built-in, designed for automotive application. Mechanical design is very compact; result is a viewing area of 61x19mm with outline dimensions of 75x27x10,8mm only.
This new display runs on smoothly from whole DIP series, that contains more than 20 family members in the mean time. That includes many different types in yellow/green and blue-white colour. Common to all is the easy mounting ability: just put into a pcb and solder it. This can be done according to the 2 solid pin header, mounted at the rear side of each module.
There are display modules with 1x8, 2x8, 2x16 and 4x20 character available, as well as graphic displays with 122x32, 128x64 and 240x128 dots. All of them are featured with newest technology and available as a standard with a decent price.

Helpful link: DIP modules, Data Sheet: 122x32 EA DIP122B-5NLW
January, 21st. 2004, Ralph Tischer

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