A new member of DIP-series

Within all standard lc-displays on market ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY presents the smallest graphic module with blue-white design. The new EA DIP122B-5NLW (122x32 dots) with it's unbeatable contrast is available ex stock now! More features are: bright LED-backlight at 60mA only, absolute even background illumination, super fast response characteristic even at -20°C, controller SED1520 built-in, automatically temperature compensation built-in, designed for automotive application. Mechanical design is very compact; result is a viewing area of 61x19mm with outline dimensions of 75x27x10,8mm only.
This new display runs on smoothly from whole DIP series, that contains more than 20 family members in the mean time. That includes many different types in yellow/green and blue-white colour. Common to all is the easy mounting ability: just put into a pcb and solder it. This can be done according to the 2 solid pin header, mounted at the rear side of each module.
There are display modules with 1x8, 2x8, 2x16 and 4x20 character available, as well as graphic displays with 122x32, 128x64 and 240x128 dots. All of them are featured with newest technology and available as a standard with a decent price.

Helpful link: DIP modules, Data Sheet: 122x32 EA DIP122B-5NLW
January, 21st. 2004, Ralph Tischer