Show your colours !

Watch and control your equipment without incooperate a lot of driver and Windows programming - that were the basic product specification when development starts for the new ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY control unit. The result is called EA KIT320F-8CTP and it shows itself as a consequent evolution of the well-tried control units in blue-white with built-in touch panel: easy to use but nevertheless perfect in all functions.The new functions like colour-selection and the 2 analogue input lines with automatic-scaling function give the user even more freedom to design an appealing and logic screen. Now you are working with 16 colours with a 5.7" ¼-VGA display. Indeed to work with all that functions it is not necessary to own programming abilities. Various settings for fonts, draw lines, place a bitmap, draw bargraph, design pull-down-menu, this all is done very quick and easy.Connection to the "rest of the world" including the built-in touch panel status can be done by RS-232, RS-422 or RS-485 interface. To make the unit compatible to various power supply requirements, versions for 5V, 12V and 24V are available. As an accessory a black anodized aluminium bezel can be ordered for smart mounting.Via integrated touch panel screen can be changed, analog value can be set, screen menu can be opened, output can be set and every code can be sent via serial interface. The on-board FLASH memory stores a complete sequence of operations or some bitmaps as a macro. This reduces data transfer via serial interface dramatically.The new coloured control unit is available quasi ex stock and extreme well-priced. A simulator software for Windows, which can be downloaded from web site for free, shows the whole functionality and supports development people later on, too.

Helpful link: Control Units, Data Sheet: EA KIT320F-8CTP
January, 26th. 2004 Ralph Tischer