Real 3.3V Displays

Thats new on display market: with it's DOG-series ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY launched the 1st. display series for real 3.3V operation. Even all optional backlights are designed for 3.3V - without any additional components.DOG series will start with 3 types: 1x8 character, 2x16 and 3x16 character. Outline dimensions are very compact with 55x27mm and especially designed for handheld applications and low power applications.Thanks to the most modern Chip-On-Glas technology (STN and FSTN) overall height is 2.0mm only. Even together with LED backlight thickness will increase to 5.8mm only. Operating temperature range of -20..+70°C (temperature compensated) is standard.Standard character height of 5.57 mm for the 2x16 makes "DOG modules" easy readable. User can decide for 3 different interface 4-Bit, 8-Bit and SPI. No need to say that character set with full 248 ASCII characters is installed. Because of direct placement onto pcb production and mounting cost are unequalled low. No special mounting is required.Combining various display technologies (positive/negative, blue/green/black) with different backlights (white, blue, amber, yellow/green, red) gives the advantage of many different design looks.

Helpful link: EA DOG series, Flyer, Data Sheet: EA DOG series
October 22nd. 2004 Ralph Tischer