Now also with a 2.9 "touch

The new larger EA DOGL128-6 modules from ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY with 128x64 points can now also be operated with EA TOUCH128-2. This is a 4-wire resistive touch that has a self-adhesive back that can be glued directly onto the display. The connection is made via an approx. 25mm long 4-pole flex cable FFC with a pitch of 1.0mm. On these 4 pins 4 electrodes are led out along the sides "left", "right" and "above", "below". A suitable zero force plug is included in the delivery program.
Either a µcontroller with analog inputs or an external touch panel controller can be used for evaluation. The touch panel works like a potentiometer. The resistance of the two touch levels is a few hundred ohms. There are 2 steps to determine the print position. For the horizontal position, the electrodes "left" and "right" are connected to a voltage of e.g. 3.3V and can then measure the position value at "above" or "below". For the vertical position, a voltage is applied to "top" and "bottom" and the position value is then measured at "left" or "right".
For best readability, a backlit display is recommended when using a touch panel. The LED backlights for the DOGL modules are available in the colors white, yellow / green, blue, red, amber, green and full-color RGB and ensure excellent readability thanks to their extreme brightness and low power consumption. ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY has a wide variety of designs in its chip-on-glass DOG family. The slightly smaller DOGM series is also available with 128x64 points and also with touch, as well as the version with 132x32 points and 3 text displays with 1x8, 2x16 and 3x16 characters. In total, you have over 200 possible combinations with these products.
The above modules are usually available from stock.

Links on the subject: EA DOG-Serie; Flyer; Data Sheet: EA DOGM128; EA DOGL128; EA DOGM132
20. Juni 2008 Hans Häberlein