Compact HMI Displays for industry?

TFT displays have not only established themselves in cell phones, cameras and PDAs. It is understandable that the industry would also like to increasingly use color displays. The displays are cheap and available in a wide variety of sizes. Marketing and managing directors are enthusiastic.
But when the developers take a closer look at the display, the decision is often not made against a color display. This is because the effort required to control the display requires a PC-like system. The costs for this are quickly 3 to 5 times the price of the display. The high power consumption and long boot times also make this solution unwieldy. In addition, the development is associated with a very considerable, own software effort, which is simply too expensive for small and medium quantities below several 1000 pieces.
The only way to integrate a TFT display into a typical microcontroller system is offered by ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY with the EA eDIPTFT43-A. This is a ready-to-use TFT display with 4.3 ". It optionally offers a touch panel including all control components, all in one unit. With 107x71mm, this complete HMI is extremely compact. Alternatively, a black anodized panel is available. The display also runs + 5V (max. 180mA) and provides 3 different interfaces RS-232, I²C and SPI for connection. In addition to various fonts, powerful graphic functions are already integrated and can be used immediately. Images with up to 65536 colors can be instantly sent as JPEG, BMP and GIF (including animation) can be integrated into the internal FLASH. The touch panel and the integrated touch controller make the display an unusually versatile operating unit. The operating temperature range is designed for -20 .. + 70 ° C. Long availability and extremely high quality standards are evidence of this from the target markets of industry, automotive and medicine.

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19. Juni 2008 Ralph Tischer