I2C bus not nearly dead

The widespread I²C bus insert since long in LCD display world. The latest member EA DOGXL160-7 is a 3.3" display, which is set up ultra compact. It's outline dimensions are 78x64x6.5mm only and even so the prototyping process and mass production process are very easy. Thanks to the pins with a pitch of 1/10" (2.54mm) cost-effective standard material can be used all the time. After all this display alternatively can be interfaced via SPI (3- or 4-wire) also. With the help of 6 different LED backlights, which will be ordered seperately, the engineer enables to realize many different color designs from 1 pc. off. All backlights are extreme bright, wonderful even and nevertheless reliable for 24-hour continous operation. For special application a full colored RGB backlight is available also. The resolution of 160x104 dots provides lots of space for text and graphic. Even with this small size an analogue touch panel is available. All touch areas are defined by software. With that any inputs can be done in a smart way. Congenial to this professional display series ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY provides many development tools. From the gratis Simulator software for Windows, via an USB test board and character set with font editor, to lots of programming examples. The power supply is single 2.6 ~ 3.3V. Current consumption is typ. 700uA. Further display sizes as character and graphic types are available.

Helpful link: DOGFlyer, Data Sheet: EA DOGXL160-7EA USBSTICK-FONT 
March, 11th. 2010 Ralph Tischer