Slim Graphic LCD

A new supertwist liquid gives the LC graphic display EA P120 from ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY the best contrast available on small LCDs. The module has a resolution of 120x32 dots, enough for 4x20 characters with a height of 4.55mm. Larger characters (e.g. 9.7mm at 2x15 chars. or 20.8mm at 1x8) and graphs can also be displayed. Many different character sets are available on disc. The display is also available with LED or EL backlight. Wide operating temperature range from -20 to +70°C is standard. A graphic controller SED 1520 makes connecting to an 8 bit databus very easy. Power supply requirement is +5V and typically -1.7V with a current consumption of 800µA max. For low power applications 3.3V operation is possible. The most important aim when developing the module was to maximize the viewing area, and minimize the dimensions (62x22.4mm by 68x39mm). A depth of 6.2mm makes the reflective and EL lighted modules especially suitable for handheld applications. The price of the EA P120 is below that of a standard 4x20 character display - but with a full graphic feature!

More informations you will find in our complete data sheet.
Feb 23rd, 1999 Ralph Tischer