3.3V Graphics LCD

With their width of 34 and 56mm 2 new graphics modules come to market as the smallest ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY ever had. Both displays EA W128 are equiped with an integrated graphics controller KS0713. Supply voltage is 2.4~3.6V and thanks to the built in charge pump there is no additional supply voltage required. Contrast is set by software. Interface can be switched from 8 bit data bus to serial SPI with CLK, SID and SOD. As a standard both displays are available with and without EL backlight. Backlighted versions provide very best contrast for various environments. Low power consumption with less than 1mA and a thickness of 1.6mm make these modules perfect for mobile applications. Resolution of 128x64 dots is good for 21 characters and 8 lines and even for many graphic symbols. This flexibility opens a wide range of application possibilities e.g. in mobile data terminals, medicine diagnostics and a small lowcost display for monitoring aswell.

More informations you will find in our data sheet EA W128-6XX (290kB).
March 5th, 2001, Ralph Tischer