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Overview of 2001

Splashproof meters

ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY / Germany have introduced a new series of digital panel meters combining a low profile with miniature "component style" body. The EA 4035 series can provide splash-proof protection to IP65, when the supplied silicon seal is fitted. The range features 3.5 digit LED and LCD readouts, auto-polarity and 200mV full scale reading. A 12 pin option offers more operating modes and direct compatibility with DATEL voltmeters. 8&9 pin options are lower cost, easier to use and more suited to new design. LCD versions incorporate high efficiency LED backlight.

More informations you will find in our summary data sheet (308kB).
December 11th, 2001 Ralph Tischer

RS-232 with Snap-In

Some of the well known "Serials" from ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY / Germany are available now completed with a snap-in housing. All new versions provide many more features with 100% compatibility in hard- and software. For example these LCD character modules with RS-232 interface are supplied optionally with 9~35V or standard 5V. All displays can be used even with very long line up to 1,200 m using the optional RS-422 interface. Furtherwards from now on LED backlight can be controlled by software command switching it on and off. Palette is growing up to 35 different sizes and styles. That includes 7 displays from the blueline series with its nice warm display color. 3 displays come with a black plastic housing for very easy mounting, and a 4th one with full graphics mode 120x32. Famous is also the slave mode: Up to 64 displays can be connected at a single RS-232 line. Each of it with individual adress.

More informations you will find in our German data sheet (3346kB).
November 29th, 2001 Ralph Tischer

3.3V Graphics LCD

With their width of 34 and 56mm 2 new graphics modules come to market as the smallest ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY ever had. Both displays EA W128 are equiped with an integrated graphics controller KS0713. Supply voltage is 2.4~3.6V and thanks to the built in charge pump there is no additional supply voltage required. Contrast is set by software. Interface can be switched from 8 bit data bus to serial SPI with CLK, SID and SOD. As a standard both displays are available with and without EL backlight. Backlighted versions provide very best contrast for various environments. Low power consumption with less than 1mA and a thickness of 1.6mm make these modules perfect for mobile applications. Resolution of 128x64 dots is good for 21 characters and 8 lines and even for many graphic symbols. This flexibility opens a wide range of application possibilities e.g. in mobile data terminals, medicine diagnostics and a small lowcost display for monitoring aswell.

More informations you will find in our data sheet EA W128-6XX (290kB).
March 5th, 2001, Ralph Tischer

BlueLine LCD

First you are impressed by the new look: blue LCD with white characters. At second glance you will recognize that contrast and viewing angle is excellent. Even technical characteristics make the engineer happy: extreme low power consumption for backlight (e.g. 15..60mA for 2x16 lcd), operating temperature range is 0..+50°C or optionally -20..+70°C. Made with this new technic there are a lot of different modules at different sizes available. All of them compatible to the market standard with controller HD44780. Who is interested in graphics displays will find many different modules from 128x64 up to 320x240 dots - absolut compatible to market standard for hard- and software.

More informations you will find in our complete data sheet (652kB).
January 8th, 2001 Ralph Tischer

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