Screen with object graphics opens up new options

Tasks such as modifying, rotating, grouping and zooming in on objects on the screen can now all be done using the new intelligent display modules in the EA uniTFT product family from ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY. Design engineers and systems integrators benefit from considerably shorter development times and gain significantly more flexibility. As a result, the modules open up a whole raft of new options for developers and users. The company will premiere the new display module to a wide audience at electronica 2016.

The new EA uniTFT050 makes it remarkably easy to combine, modify and adapt a great many objects to a particular need. All objects can be positioned, rotated and zoomed in on as required on the screen and attributes such as transparency and color assigned, while there’s also the option of linking objects to actions. It couldn't be easier for design engineers needing to create keys, dials and other control elements and assign specific functions to them. And that's not all: with the use of style sheets, it is also possible to standardize the look of these elements, thereby creating elegant and user-friendly designs. Tones can also be incorporated for a range of functions from acoustic feedback for operating procedures to entire jingles. The module also allows designers to create fonts to suit their needs, and with Unicode on board the control unit is prepared for all fonts and for marketing worldwide. uniSKETCH, a specially designed PC graphic tool, enables users to create screen layouts and interfaces, edit the properties of objects and adapt style sheets. Also available as an option are display modules with a touch panel that use resistive or PCAP technology. With the PCAP Touch, multi-touch inputs familar from smartphones and tablet computers can also be provided. The appropriate touch controller and software are already integrated into the display modules.

Where they are to be connected to external devices, actuators and sensors, the display modules are able to access all interfaces which are significant for industrial electronics – such as SPI, RS-232, I2C-Bus and USB. Several analog inputs, one PWM output and 16 digital I/O lines allow the module to be integrated into all types of control tasks. Moreover, the video input also provides for the direct playback of video signals. This comprehensive design even allows the display modules to be operated as stand-alone units, e.g. for controlling different devices.

The EA uniTFT050-A, ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY's first model to come onto the market, has a screen diagonal of 5 inches (12.7 cm). Designs with diagonals of 8 inches and 10.1 inches will follow shortly.

You do find more information on our Website. Here is the data sheet.