Fast LCD graphics module in widescreen format

The LCD graphics module EA DIP180B-5LWTP from ELECTRONIC ASSEMBMLY is being offered in an interesting format.
With external dimensions of only      102x27x11mm (window    88x19mm), it is ideal for use in 19-inch racks, where it can be accommodated in a single RU. Even so,   180x32 pixels can still display a lot. The very bright super-twist LCD   is configured with LED backlighting and offers a high contrast in blue/white. It delivers brilliant images and optimum readability even under poor lighting conditions.
3 type PT6520 controllers (compatible with SED1520) are used to control the left, center and right sections of the display. All characters are designed as graphics and various character sets are available on a USB flash drive.
The use of super-twist technology allows a fast response time even when temperatures are very low. In fact, at extremely low operating temperatures of -20°C, the display has a sufficient response time of approximately 2.5 s. The operating temperature range extends from -20  to +70°C.
The display comes with automatic temperature compensation. This removes the usual need to adjust the contrast during operation. The module can be soldered directly to the printed circuit board, avoiding complex assembly with additional mechanical components. A robust analog 4-wire panel is optionally available as a touch panel.
Other key features of this high-quality LCD graphics module include:

  • Connection by 8-bit data bus
  • Power supply +3.3 V…+5 V  /approx. -3.3V max.  800µA
  • Long LED lighting service life of 100,000 hours
  • Many years of availability

Here’s the link for the corresponding data sheet.
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