Intelligent EA KIT129-6 Control Panel Simplifies HMI Design

ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY has developed a completely assembled control panel for all types of equipment and machinery. The unit is ready to use right out of the box. The powerful, user-friendly command language supports rapid, straightforward integration of the control panel into the user’s application, taking the complexity out of HMI development.
The EA KIT129-6 contains a 128x64 pixel LCD  with full -graphics capability. An optional antiglare, scratch-resistant touch panel with a 5x3 array of on-screen controls is also available. The control panel can be supplied with white text/graphics displayed against a blue background or black display on a white background. The blue/white version is the right choice for all indoor applications, whereas the black/white model is intended for outdoor use even in direct sunlight.
On the touch panel version, the operator activates virtual controls on the display to enter commands. Labeling of the virtual keys can be changed on the fly to suit application needs. Key functions can be displayed in different languages. Multiple touch fields can also be combined to create a large virtual key. As an alternative to the touch panel, “real” individual hardware-based keys and matrix keyboards with up to 5x3 keys can be used for controlling the target application.
The control panel comes with a large selection of graphics routines and 5 different fonts which support horizontal and vertical scaling. Additional fonts can be added. The control panel is capable of managing and displaying up to 16 fonts. Text and graphics can be used in combination. Text strings and graphics can be positioned with pixel accuracy. Up to 256 images and graphics can be stored in the internal EEPROM and displayed on screen with a single instruction. The control panel is programmed using graphics commands which are similar to high-level language instructions and can be combined to create macros for specific functions. This eliminates the need for time-consuming and error-prone programming of character sets and graphics routines. “Draw bar graph,” “Define virtual touch key” and “Define blinking area” (cursor or key) are just a few examples of the user-friendly graphics functions which require only a single instruction.
A serial port with data rates up to 115,200 baud acts as the control interface for the EA KIT129-6. The supply voltage options are 5V or 9 to 35V. Besides the optional touch panel, a software for macro programming is also available.

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