Variable LCD Display Requires No Additional Auxiliary Voltage

Display specialist ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY in Gilching is introducing an exceptionally versatile line of alphanumeric displays for use in industrial and commercial applications. The high-contrast, easy-to-read LCD super-twist display modules of the EA DOG family require a mere 3.3 or 5 V to operate. Negative auxiliary voltage is also not required for the 3.3 V systems – a world first. This allows developers to keep their power supply simple and economical.

Another clever idea is that the display and illumination units can be ordered separately. This makes it possible to implement numerous designs with different sizes and colors. Customers can choose from three display units and six LED background illumination schemes, including one that covers the entire RGB color spectrum. Three display units are offered for viewing one, two, or three rows of data, with different font sizes available as well. The variety of display types, font sizes, and background illumination schemes translates into a total of 63 customization options. Two separate LED paths are available for the unicolor illumination schemes and can be connected in series or parallel. The illumination unit can therefore be operated using a 3.3 V or a 5 V power supply.

Keeping the illumination and display concept separate also enables extremely flat layouts. Without the illumination unit, the display is only 2.0 mm thick, and even when the latter is fitted, the 5.8 mm build height provides for a very flat configuration, whereby the display can be mounted frameless by having it soldered directly to the circuit board. At just 55 x 31 mm, the display thus facilitates extremely compact solutions.

An ST 7036 display controller is included in the display units despite their small size. Four-bit, eight-bit, and SPI interfaces are offered to connect to the outside world. The operating range for the displays is between -20 °C and + 70 °C, making them compatible with industrial applications, and all variants can be ordered in quantities of one or more.