Versatile, economical, small: new graphic displays enhance the DOG series from ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY

A new product line – the DOGS102 (data sheet) – enhances ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY´s DOG series of versatile full-graphic displays with particularly low energy consumption. Their small size (39x42mm) is compatible with any flush-mounting box and makes them ideal for building installation applications. They are also perfect for 19" racks and can be easily integrated in the front panels of devices measuring 1 U in height.

The displays have a resolution of 102x64 pixels. LCD supertwist technology ensures good contrast. Several variants are offered and differ in their LED background illumination, which includes white, amber, and green/red. A variant with a white, non-illuminated background is also available. The LED elements have a service life of up to 100,000 hours of operation.

A 2.5 to 3.3-volt power supply is all that is required to operate the displays. This, combined with their exceptionally low power consumption of 250µA (typ.), predestine the displays for use in battery-powered devices.

An UC1701 graphics controller is already integrated in addition to the screen memory. The units communicate via a 4-wire SPI interface. Eight lines of 17 characters in normal type or four lines of 12 characters in large type can be displayed. Optional character sets can be ordered and created using standard Windows system fonts (Cyrillic, Greek, and Arabic character sets are also supported). A USB test board for Windows PCs, an analog touch panel, and a fitting ZIF (zero insertion force) connector are likewise available.

The contrast is controlled by software and is typically set once only. The display then maintains this setting across the entire operating temperature range of -20 to +70°C by way of an integrated temperature compensation facility. Elaborate mechanical assembly is not required, since the displays are easily soldered directly to the circuit board.