Transflective displays for indoor and outdoor use as text and graphics, bright and high-contrast.

Two different technologies allow a display to be read in sunlight:

(1) The use of a transflective polarizer makes it possible to brighten the display background with the help of sunlight (similar to a mirror). Transflective displays, i.e. sunlight readable, can be found in the

- Chip-On-Glass series:
Text and graphics monochrome (DOG displays)
- Dotmatrix displays:
from 1x8 up to 4x40 characters, monochrome
- Graphic displays:
from 98x32 up to 320x240 pixels, monochrome


(2) This technology is expensive for color displays. For this reason, extremely bright backlighting tends to be designed to enable reading even in sunlight. Sunlight-readable displays require a brightness of at least 1,000cd/m².

- bright TFT displays:
1" up to 10.1", also with touch
- bright HMI control panel:
uniTFT series in 1.5" up to 10.1"
- EA TFT024-23ATNN:
2.4" TFT color display, transflective