EA TFT028-23AI

These extremely compact displays with a mere of 68x48mm / 84x58mm (without / with touch) and lighting are only about 2.2mm flat. They are perfect for 19 "and handheld applications.

Thanks to AACS technology, they offer a viewing angle of near 360° without color drift. Due to the high contrast, the displays can be read safely even from a greater distance. A short video demonstrates the capabilities of AACS compared to standard TFT displays:

Watch this impressing video for AACS technology
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Also ideal as a "contrast enhancer" for devices with monochrome displays 128x64. Because these displays can also display black and white or blue and white with an unmatched contrast. Simple control via SPI, single supply + 3.3V. For monochrome display content there's a memory of 38kByte necessary (=240x320/8).


Information about the new display and the data sheet.