Smart color dwarf with SPI & I²C

The company ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY is expanding its range of fully graphic TFT displays: The new size of the "small one" is 3.2 '' just big enough to e.g. to process important measurement information graphically, but still small enough to be used in handheld applications.

The advantages of the TFT display EA eDIPTFT32-A from ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY are obvious: Very simple control of the display via one of three integrated interfaces, RS-232 (CMOS level for direct connection to a microcontroller), SPI and I²C. Built-in graphic functions such as "Draw a rectangle from x1 | y1 to x2 | y2". Integrated memory for storing images, animations, macros, menu structures, fonts and and and .... The display can take over the complete menu navigation, the optional touch panel is necessary for this and expands the display to a complete HMI. The touch evaluation is of course integrated in the intelligent display. The technology of the touch panel is based on a resistive design, which brings clear advantages, such as operability with a glove, with dry hands or a pen.

Potential application area of ​​the EA eDIPTFT32-A: The display is predestined for handheld application. The power consumption at full brightness is below 1W, and has a large input voltage range of 3.3V to 5V. The brightness of up to 700 cd / m² not only makes it possible to use outdoors, it is also easy to read. The temperature range from -20 ° C to + 70 ° C speaks for itself on a TFT display with 65536 colors.

Many control and measurement tasks can be carried out with a simple microcontroller, but output on a color TFT display is only possible - if at all - with very intensive and time-consuming development work. ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY has the solution: The EA eDIP series. These intelligent displays have already integrated the control routines.

The built-in intelligence of the displays extremely shortens time-to-market and saves you valuable time and money.

Users who have already made experience with other EA eDIP displays can take over their knowledge and functions one to one, the commands and control routines can continue to be used without changes. Of course, we paid attention to 100% pin compatibility.

As with all our products, we can promise you long and good availability combined with the highest quality. Industry, automotive and medicine are among our main customers.