Every color from 1 pc.

This is one of a lot features to the EA DOG-series. The super bright backlight is extreme even and available in various different colours. Also a RGB backlight is included. The contrast and viewing angle of the STN and FSTN displays is without any reproval. More than that: the unbelievable compact design and the integrated graphic controller with SPI interface makes it straightforward. The displays will be soldered direct onto a pcb, and for programming there are ready made character sets and some routines for initialisation available. Furthermore there is a testboard for easy USB connection and a gratis simulation software for Windows on hand. Outstanding is the low current consumption of 150~350uA only at single supply +3.3V (depends on display size). There is no additional voltage needed. Contrast is held steady over unsteady supply voltage and over the whole ambient temperature automatically. Contrast adjustment is done via software control. Because this display series was developed for industrial application, operating temperature range is wide with -20 up to +70°C. Optionally display can be equipped by a touch panel. ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY does offer the EA DOG-series with 132x32 and 128x64 dots (2 different sizes). With 7 different backlights these display do match to every design. The white backlight e.g. is perfect for battery powered systems because it is bright enough even at low current of 5mA. Last but not least all displays are with all colours available ex stock !

Helpful link: DIP, Flyer, Data Sheet: EA DOGM128-6EA DOGL128-6EA USBSTICK-FONT
May, 8th. 2008 Ralph Tischer