The triumphant advance of the displays cannot be stopped

There are hardly any devices that do not have a display for operation, control or programming. For the implementation of an interactive control, for example in mechanical engineering or industrial electronics, but also in all conceivable applications, the intelligent display EA eDIPTFT57-A from ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY is the suitable solution due to its properties and the elegant and easy-to-use development support. The high-contrast color screen with its diagonal of 5.7 ″ and LED backlighting offers a resolution of 640 × 480 pixels. Its most important feature is the built-in intelligence, which makes it much easier for developers to integrate the display modules into their application.

Getting started with the EA eDIPTFT57-A display and all the other eight types of the EA eDIP series is also made easier by evaluation kits tailored to these displays. These consist of a display with touch panel along with an evaluation board, USB cable and a mini DVD with software, documentation and sample macros. The evaluation board contains a USB port for data communication with the PC. Interface daughter boards for RS-232, I²C and SPI for communication with the host computer of the target application are optional.

An external power supply is not necessary for smaller displays. A row of light emitting diodes provides information about the data traffic as well as the status of the digital outputs of the display. In order to simulate sensors, switches or relay contacts in the target application, two potentiometers and eight buttons are attached to the evaluation board. The installation DVD contains a wealth of material. In addition to the documentation of the various displays, the development software and a large number of macro examples and layout templates. The source text editor for creating your own macros integrates other programs via icons: compiler, terminal program, bitmap editor and an editor for creating virtual measuring instruments. Via the touchscreen, with a buzzer as feedback for the touch, the user can also summarize the operating elements on the display and thus create a high-quality user interface.

Essential features at a glance:
- TFT graphic display with LED backlight
- Resolution 640 × 480 pixels, 16 bit (65,536 colors)
- eight predefined fonts, truetype fonts can be imported
- Control via high-level language-like commands
- Virtual keyboard included in the instruction set
- comfortable development environment
- Analog touch panel without grid
- eight digital inputs and as many outputs
- two analog inputs