Intelligent display with acoustic feedback

The 7-inch EA eDIPTFT70-ATP made by ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY sets new design standards for interactive operator control systems. Brilliant display quality, 800x480-pixel resolution, built-in intelligence and innovative, user-friendly features provide the ideal platform for the development of interactive controls. For example, a virtual keyboard can be embedded directly into the graphics display, and the display is also capable of providing acoustic feedback to the user.
These features make it much easier to program an interactive user interface. A virtual keyboard can be generated on the touch panel screen with just a few instructions which resemble high -level language programming code. The keyboard functionality includes an  edit box which enables users to view what they have entered and make any necessary corrections prior to submitting the data.
The acoustic features of the display are equally impressive. Developers can provide a broad spectrum of acoustic feedback ranging from simple key clicks to brief jingles which act as warning or status messages.
Programming is very simple and straightforward. Powerful instructions enhance productivity during solution development and reduce time to market. Lines, areas and bar graphs can be defined and displayed with a single instruction. Defining the appearance, size, placement and function of keys and buttons is equally fast and easy.
The EA eDIPTFT70-ATP offers a number of other features which support user-friendly programming and sophisticated image design including a flash memory to store fonts, images, animation sequences and macros.  8 predefined fonts are provided. A set of parameters is available for scaling and modifying the fonts. TrueType fonts can also be imported. Input data can be displayed on predefined virtual analog instruments, which can be tailored to suit the needs of the user. Built-in macro pages and string tables are provided to support multiple languages, an important consideration for equipment, machinery and systems which are destined for export markets.
An evaluation kit is available to help you get your EA eDIPTFT70-ATP development project started. A USB port provides connectivity to a PC where the actual software development takes place.
Integration of the intelligent display into a device or system controller is very easy from a technical standpoint. 3 different ports are available for communication with the system. Only 1 supply voltage is needed. A mounting bezel is available as an option. The product series includes 6 other displays in sizes starting from 3.2 inches.

Other features:
– TFT graphics display with LED background lighting
– 800x480-pixel resolution, 16 bit (65,536 colors)
– 8 predefined fonts, True Type fonts can be imported
– Macros and programming instructions resembling high -level language code
– Virtual keyboard contained in the instruction set
– User-friendly development environment
– Analog touch pad with variable grid
– 8 digital inputs, 8 outputs
– 2 analog inputs 

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