ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY introduces OLEDs in Industrial Applications

Based on organic materials, OLED displays have become an integral part of mobiles and smartphones, thanks to their superb brightness. Now, Electronic Assembly, a manufacturer of displays, has introduced the technology to industrial applications.

With an extremely high contrast ratio of 2000:1, the nine OLED models from ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY are real eye-catchers. The high contrast ratio is achieved by using a genuinely black background and active display technology. A new, patented system eliminates the relatively short service life of previous OLED displays. OLED displays from ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY can be operated 100,000 hours and more at room temperature. Even when used at maximum operating temperature (80°C), they retain 50 percent or their original brightness after 14,000 hours.

The OLED displays also provide full contrast at temperatures down to -40°C. No contrast adjustment is required for this. Their response time of 10 microseconds gives the displays an extremely fast response time as well, whether they are used at high or low temperatures. In addition, information shown on the OLED displays is easy to read, no matter what the viewing angle.

All major character sets – English, European, Japanese, and Cyrillic – are integrated in the alphanumeric displays and do not need to be created by the controller. Connection to the outside world is similar to the established HD44780 standard via 4 and 8-bit interfaces. Power is provided by a 3 or 5-volt single supply, whereby the brightest brightness is achieved with the 5-volt supply. Consumption ranges between 15 and 50 milliamperes, depending on the size of the display.

Electronic Assembly offers nine different organic displays. Colors include yellow or white, and the display area encompasses 2 rows with up to 8 characters each or 4 rows with up to 20 characters each, depending on the model.