Easy Touch start-up

The new starter kit supports development of the 1st. display EA eDIP240-7 which will come as a fullly integrated control panel. ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY provides from now on an USB starter kit for speedy start. Because of easy plug-and-play concept customer is able to work with full functionality including the touch panel. With 8 of their built-in fonts and more than 111 graphic routines gives you a taste of tomorrows graphic programming. The built-in touch panel with analogue function is fully supported. Knowledge of any programming language is no longer necessary. Using the touch panel there can be done inputs, screen updates, adjustment of analogue parameters, opening menues or transmiting data via serial interface. Thereby operator is able to control external equipment elegantly.
Thanks to the on-board EEPROM macros and pictures can be stored or built-in fonts can be changed and extended. Interface is easy by using one of 3 built-in serial communication ports: RS-232, SPI and I?C-bus. An interface board for USB (1.1 and 2.0 compatible) is available, too. Displays are available in blue-white and black&white FSTN technology. They are all good for an operting temperature range of -20..+70°C; no need to say that temperature compensation is inclusive. These displays provide a resolution of 240x128 dots with a screen area of 4.5" (96x61mm). With it's 113x70x10.8mm outline dimensions construction is very compact. Mounting is just as easy and cost-saving because of direct assembly into pcb.
All EMI requirements are fulfilled easyly.

Helpful link: EA eDIP240-7, Data Sheet: EA eDIP240-7, Compiler, Simulator: setup electronic assembly tools.zip
June, 27th. 2005 Ralph Tischer