Blue LCD for pcb mounting

The BlueLine displays are the latest craze on display market. Right now the first modules for pcb mounting are available. Just put it into pcb and solder. There are no srews, pin header or cable necessary. Soldered means mounted. This is the the blue-white optic together with a smart production method. The new display EA DIP162-DNLW is compatible to the yellow/green DIP-line from ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY. For a 2x16 display with 6.68mm font size outline dimension are very small: just 75x27x10.8mm ! Thanks to the novel supertwist technology viewing angle is extreme and color is real nice blue. As a standard display meets industrial standard with -20..+70°C. No contrast adjustment is required. Some more displays with that style are announced.

Helpful link: DIP modules, Data Sheet: 2x16 EA DIP162-DNLED
January, 10th. 2003 Ralph Tischer