Serial OLED displays from Electronic Assembly are modern, innovative and intelligent and you can also buy them in the online shop

Crisp yellow on a deep black background, plus a viewing angle of almost 180 °, that can only be an OLED display. OLED displays are active displays, meaning that the pixels themselves light up. The power consumption can also be correspondingly low. However, it is always higher than that of a reflective LCD display. Although the displays are described as "active", there are still active and passive OLED displays in the area of ​​control. The passive technology can be used up to a screen size of about 5 inches, larger displays are actively controlled.

Our module displays are designed for continuous operation of 50,000 hours and more and are therefore really suitable for industry. They are available for a long time and the developer receives full support via email, phone or through the website. There is also a USB test board and countless application examples. Display ads are available for text only or as graphic displays.

OLED serial displays are also available together with a touch panel, also with USB or RS-232 interface (linked here). All OLED displays can be bought in our webshop.

Here you will find further information about OLED displays or the difference to TFT and LCD.